Downtown Asheville’s Havana Cuban Cuisine

Hector & Boonie have been around for years. You may remember “Bonnie’s Little Corner” on Pack Square not too long ago. Also, they tried to sort of revive the State Street West Asheville area when they built the H & B Grocery, restaurant, and laundromat. The neighborhood at the time did not understand their vision or support their dreams. The local housing project ate them alive with shoplifting, employee theft, and armed robberies. While trying to help and develop, they became the victims. With a gun pointed to his head, Hector almost lost his life several times trying to save an area in Asheville, maybe a couple of years “too early”. They did end up losing their business in West Asheville as well as their personal home in Weaverville. But still they stand determined to thrive in Asheville.

They tested the mall scene, but the economy started dropping at that time, and it was not a good location for them. Better for downtown Asheville as they are now located on Battery Park Ave right behind the Grove Arcade and across the street. They occupied a place that had been vacant or limited for years and have made something beautiful out of it. We stopped by today to say hello and they were hard at work serving customers, and Hector running around the kitchen moderating and cooking.

Stop by sometime and ask for Hector or Bonnie. They are some of the nicest people in the neighborhood.

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