Asheville Drum Circle Video Goes Viral On Facebook

Asheville Drum Circle Video on Facebook

While walking around downtown Asheville this past Friday night, Ask Asheville made a quick stop at the Drum Circle. We immediately started taking video on one of our GoPro video cameras, but then we were stopped because the memory card was full. So we pulled out the old Samsung Galaxy 6, went to Facebook, and started recording Live! Turns out the video has reached over 100,000 folks in less than 48 hours, has 1000+ likes, 250 comments, and 900 shares. WOW, kinda great for a quick video we did on the fly, without any major production, and no boost at all.

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Video Intro: The Color Run in Asheville 2016

The Color Run in coming to Asheville North Carolina once again! 2016 just got better as our City joins the World for this famous happy run. And AskAsheville has a discount code just for you. See the Asheville Color Run Event Page for more information.

Amazing Dinner by Chef Justin Burdette at Local Provisions

Foreword: When we first heard about Local Provisions opening in downtown Asheville, we were not that quick to try it out. They did not initiate a giant marketing campaign, and the buzz was not that heavy. But after eating there recently, we now want to change that. We finally got the chance to stop in and we are so glad we did. We went in unannounced because we like to experience places just like everyone else does, impartial, and see how it really is. And it was great! After dinner, we were walking past Curate and one of the people that was with us said that Local Provisions was just as good, but that not many people know about it. I definitely agreed.

Asheville Menu at Local Provisions

Another one of our writers, Karin, ate at Local Provisions a short time ago and wrote this fantastic blog. Please read:

Food has always been important to me. My dad worked at the famous Luchows in NYC and it was there, eating hasenpfeffer in front of their glorious Christmas tree listening to um pah music,  that my love affair with food began.

One of my favorite places to eat in Highlands used to be Ruka’s Table. Although it’s no longer open, I spent many evenings there sampling eclectic entrées like bone marrow and pork belly with pickled something or other.


Justin Burdett was the chef there at the time and I remember finding out from the waitress that he was a Chopped Champion (Food Channel must see). Fast forward two horrible years in Highlands without Justin’s delectable creations and I read on Twitter that he has bought the old Seven Sows in Asheville and was opening his own place, Local Provisions.

Let me explain to you that we planned our arrival to Asheville, our visit to the Biltmore, and the check in to our cabin, all around when Local Provisions was open. Yep…he’s that good.

Chef Justin Burdette Local Provisions
77 Biltmore Ave. is where Justin hangs his apron now and works his magic. A small yet elegant restaurant with a patio on the side for dining outside when the weather cooperates!

Now, down to the nitty gritty…the FOOD! There are five main categories to order from on the menu: Taste, Small, Preserved, Large, and Sweet. We ordered something from each section. Seriously. Well, we were having Justin withdrawals!

Some of the delicacies we sampled were things like Buttermilk Curds and Whey and Local Radishes from the Taste section. The delicate curds burst in your mouth and the creamy taste of  ricotta glides over your tongue. My husband had the Local Radishes which had buttermilk whipped Lardo (don’t get me started, that stuff is heavenly) and radish greens. Who knew radishes could be so delicious?

Pork Belly at Local Provisions Asheville
From the Small section we both devoured the Sorghum Pork Belly. We had fallen in love with this at Ruka’s and just had to experience it again.

Now, the Preserved column each have a pickled element. I had the Chicken Terrine with pepper jelly and farm and sparrow seeded bread. At this point Justin came out to our table, recognizing us from Highlands.  “I concoct these plates based on what I like to eat, ” he shared with us. He must have amazing taste buds! David tried the Rabbit Summer Sausage and couldn’t wait for me to sample it.

Here comes the Large…we feasted on quail  and braised rabbit leg and loin.

The cocktails are as unique as the food…we each tried two different potions each and loved them all.

You would think we were full, but there were still desserts on the menu calling my name,  so we made a plan.

Right next door is the Wicked Weed, a marvelous Asheville brewery. We paid and strolled over to nose around, had a delicious brew then went back to Local Provisions and got dessert to take back to the hotel.

Snuggled in at the Holiday Inn on Tunnel Road we munched on caramelized Banana Bread and Sweet Potato Panna Cotta…HEAVENLY!!!

Local Provisions *77 Biltmore Ave.* 828-424-7815

Tell’em Chef Knut Meg sent you!!
You can thank me later!

Muah!!! Till next time!
Karin – adventurer and story teller!!
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Amazing Lunch at Strada in Downtown Asheville

Strada Downtown Asheville Restaurant

While working on a video shoot with the G Social Media crew in downtown Asheville, we ended up on the upper level of the Social Lounge. If you have never been to there, it is a 2-story craft cocktail bar with a rooftop area to eat, drink and be merry. The food at this place is supplied by the kitchen at Strada, which has the same owners, and is adjoined side-by-side. After looking at the menu for a few minutes, I ordered the Calamari, with a side of Shrimp, and also a side of Salmon. And I will order that exact dish again, soon! HeartIsTree Studios was also there and both of the owners are Vegan, so they had this gluten-free crusted cheese-less pizza. It was so good, it seemed as if they were about to fight over the last slice. Oh, and that drink was a blackberry, mint, ginger, and rum Mojito. Everything was so perfecto and delicious! Thank you Strada.

8 Downtown Asheville Stops You Must See

There are a lot of things to do in Downtown Asheville. From one street to another, you are surrounded by new scenes, architecture, places to eat, breweries, shopping, and some great photography opportunities.

Flat Iron Building & Wall Street Asheville

The Flat Iron Building in Downtown Asheville is a gorgeous piece of architecture, and surrounded by plenty of shopping and restaurants including Chai Pani and World Cafe up on the right side of the building; plus Early Girl Eatery, Market Place Restaurant, Cucina 24, Laughing Seed Cafe, and MG Road to the left down Wall Street.

Basilica of St. Lawrence

The Basilica of St. Lawrence is a beautiful cathedral in Downtown Asheville. The US Cellular Center is to the right, which hosts many grand events throughout the year.

Asheville City Building

The Asheville City Building was designed by Architect Douglas D. Ellington, who also designed the S & W Cafeteria, Asheville High School, and First Baptist Church.

Pritchard Park Downtown Asheville

Pritchard Park is best known for the Drum Circle it hosts every Friday night from Spring through Fall. Plenty to do all around here including eating at Tupelo Honey Cafe, Jerusalem Garden Cafe, Mayfel’s, Red Ginger Dimsum, Kathmandu Cafe, and Jack of the Wood.

Pack Square Asheville NC

Pack Square in Downtown Asheville is the center of the Universe. During warmer months, you will many times see local protests happening in this spot. You can see Asheville’s first skyscraper, the Jackson Building, to the right; along with the French Broad Chocolate Lounge colored in light blue. If you were standing in this spot, all you would have to do is turn around to experience some fantastic restaurants including Posana, Noodle Shop, Salsa’s, Bomba, Rhubarb, and Curate. If you turn to your right here and walk down the street, you will see Limones to the left on Eagle Street; plus Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria, Chestnut, The Blackbird, and Doc Chey’s straight down Biltmore. You can also find the Double Decker Coffee Bus across from Barley’s.

S & W Cafeteria Building Asheville

The S & W Cafeteria Building is an architectural delight. A fine building used as an event venue right across the street from the Drum Circle in Downtown Asheville.

Asheville's Flat Iron

When you hit Wall Street in Downtown Asheville, don’t forget to stop by the Flat Iron itself. You will many times catch a busker or two here performing, as well as lots of other street entertainment. Some call it Asheville’s free circus. It’s good to have a few bucks on hand to tip all of these great performers.

Grove Arcade Downtown Asheville

The Grove Arcade in Downtown Asheville was built by E.W. Grove, the same man who built the Grove Park Inn. He wanted to liven up the downtown area, and it happened, until the Federal Government took it over during World War II. Asheville took it back over about 20 years ago, and it is now home to the famed Battery Park Book Exchange & Wine Bar as well as restaurants like Modesto, Carmel’s, Chorizo; plus a tasty bakery called True Confections. They also have an outdoor market with lots of vendors when the weather permits.

Luckily, Downtown Asheville has so much to offer. Get out there and experience it!

Special thanks to Ashley Susan Photography for these photos!