Downtown Asheville Inn, looking good?

This was the Days Inn (not Comfort Inn) of Downtown Asheville but has now been taken over by others and named the “Downtown Inn”. (Thank you Will of the Hill for the correction). Do not really have high hopes for this place. As you can see, it is the first place that people crowd in when they gather money for a room, cannot drive home from downtown, or want to party close to the action. I guess I will just call this Downtown Asheville’s Party Hotel… right next to Scandal’s and about 2 blocks away from Nashwa and Hairspray, popular downtown Asheville clubs. I vote for a facelift and some regular curbside maintenance.

2 thoughts on “Downtown Asheville Inn, looking good?

  1. I just noticed this on Monday when I was driving by. I think they need to give up on fixing that hotel. It will always be known as the “hooker hotel”. Can I say that on here? LOL

    Delete if I can’t.

    Pretty soon someone will buy the lot can throw up some expensive condos. I am just guessing. I haven’t heard anything about it.

  2. Never a Comfort Inn – always a Days Inn. I thought it was a nice touch when Dr. Patel added that “clinic” onto it. Alas, always a good place to watch scantily clad patrons perform gratutious sex acts for the rest of us in Asheville. Never a dull moment!

    sry .. i hate misspellings! lol

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