Dough Asheville – Market, Bakery, Eat-In, Takeaway

When I first saw the sign for Dough go up on Merrimon Ave in North Asheville, I got excited. I do not know much about them, but the “Bread Talk” eatery shop, which I LOVE, came to mind immediately. Then I though of Strada, a local Asheville restaurant that makes their bread in-house and it is So Good! I thought about all of the wonderful things you can do with bread, with dough.

Seems like this place is going to be a whole lot more than bread though. I can’t wait for Dough to open up hopefully by Feb 1, 2013. They are located at 372 Merrimon Ave. This is going to be an amazing foodie addition to the North Asheville community!

See the Dough Asheville Blog

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