Railway of Dreams

The best way to tour a city is to know it, actually meet it, date it, and learn its history. Don’t we see new places for that very reason?  Don’t we travel to become part of something charming we’ve been bored for, and to find something steeped in a past we’ll weave a connection to?

I’ve had that priviledge, here in my own city.  A 3 mile ride over a once abandoned railroad track did it for me.  It wasn’t the ambiance of the French Broad trailing beside me, or the delightful park we stopped at to picnic and pose for family pictures at, though those places were among the highlights.  For me it was the story.  It was learning the track had sat there for nearly 60 years awaiting a promise.  The track had been useful once, told it would feed into bigger better tracks, and become a part of what Asheville was at the time; a city of railroads leading to industrial dreams, or just public transportation.  The Craggy Mountain Line was promised it would be part of the buzz that eventually had no room for it.  People forgot.

However, a man was born on August 10, 1964, that would save the railroad.  This man rode out of the womb on a steam engine with a dream as long as the track itself.  An avid trainlover, with a passion bordering insanity, his destiny would be to fulfil this railroad’s promise.  It would be a functioning part of Asheville one day.  Even better, it would be saved in the ninth hour, preserving the last of Asheville’s trolley , and usher in an era of old to the new generation.  It would bring joy to the smiling faces of children and train enthusiasts everywhere.  It would become more than hoped for, and would stand the test of time unlike the more prestigious rails that once thrived downtown.  It would carry those cars on its tired rails and reign once again.  It would become the little track that could.

My blessing?  I married into this dream, wedding the son of that man gifted to the lonely track.  I get to become a part of this history up close and personal, sharing my knowledge of it with the world.  This is as much a part of Asheville’s quaint history as anything I’ve seen.

A work in progress, the track will hopefully be open full time in the coming months.  Now, however, keep your eyes peeled for special holiday events, birthday party opportunities, and Saturday night rides.  Taste history, and become it’s family.  You’ll feel the dream when you first step foot on this line, the hallmark of perseverence.



post by:  Lorna Hollifield

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The North Carolina Mountain State Fair 2013

North Carolina Mountain State Fair

The North Carolina Mountain State Fair just wrapped up 10 days of rides, attractions and fun at the WNC Agricultural Center on the southside of Asheville in Arden NC. We first stopped in the live animals and farming area and saw Bulls, Llamas, Horses and more. Then we headed down the hill to see all of the excitement and action. Great time for the family, couples, teens and kids. The NC Mountain State Fair is also a good place to bump into friends that we had not seen in years. So nice to see everyone!

Asheville Pubcycle

asheville nc amazing pubcycle

If you have been around downtown Asheville lately, you might have noticed the new Asheville Amazing Pubcycle that is being guide and rode around town by a driver and a bunch of people drinking beer. We were doing some videos last night and got a few clips of them coming up Wall Street. Asheville Beer is brewing in this community! If you are a craft beer lover, this is a great area attraction that you should definitely do!

Taking a Stroll Through Downtown Asheville

downtown asheville by audrey goforth

One of the most fun things to do on a Friday or Saturday night is to take a simple walk through Downtown Asheville, where you will be highly entertained by musicians, street performers, dancers, art, drums and many more activities. This is definitely a main attraction in the community! Of course we have the Asheville Drum Circle on Friday evenings, and the Splashville Water Fountain daily. Photo by.. Asheville Photographer Audrey Goforth.

The Asheville Double Decker Bus – Double D’s

Asheville Double Decker Bus - Double D's

The Double Decker Bus in Downtown Asheville is a landmark in the community. We have stopped by Double D’s on many occasions.. using the upper level as a meeting rendezvous point, drinking coffee, eating some muffins and cookies, and using it as a photo shoot location.

Double D’s is not your average mobile food truck. As a matter of fact, it does not move at all. This Double Decker Bus is a staple located at 41 Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville. It is right across the street from Barley’s Taproom & Pizza and Chestnut. It is two doors down from Doc Chey’s. It is right next to the new Aloft Hotel and The Black Bird Restaurant.  It is right up the block from the Orange Peel and the new Wicked Weed Brewing. Perfect location.

I don’t know if the City of Asheville will ever adopt a Double Decker Bus for transit purposes, but maybe LaZoom Tours should think about this. I think it would be a BIG hit.