Dinner at King Daddy’s in West Asheville

king daddys west asheville nc

On a rainy evening in Asheville, we ended up on the westside, and finally stopped at King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffles. This restaurant is owned by the John and Julie, the same folks that have Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville.

king daddys menu

The had a great menu with lots of chicken, salads, sides and desserts. And of course… the booze menu!

west asheville restaurant king daddy

After getting settled in, we took at look at the decor, atmosphere and lighting. All of the windows also gave us an outside view, part of it looking out onto the patio area.

king daddys fried chicken

I ordered the Heirloom Chicken since it was the one that took the most amount of time to prepare (30 minutes), and the most expensive option at less than $9. We added a side of bacon and also some Asian slaw.

king daddys dessert avl

And for dessert, the Fried Apple Pie was just delicious!



2 thoughts on “Dinner at King Daddy’s in West Asheville

  1. King Daddy’s sounds delicious, and I’m curious just how amazing the chicken and waffles are there? This dish is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures, and I just can’t ever seem to resist ordering it at a great joint if the offer it (I’m surprised it wasn’t one of the dishes that you featured in this post). I have heard that they offer a pretty extensive drinks menu, and that’s something quite unique for an establishment like this. Everything else aside, the apple pie looks insane too!

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