Dinner with The Admiral

The Admiral in West Asheville

I have to say I’ve never dined here until my friend Jean-Claude, Sous Chef, invited me and I’m glad I finally had this experience. This quaint small restaurant leaves a huge impression on you and it’s definitely worth every penny. They have a noticeable environment of hospitality, a lot of awareness and team effort, which I admired.

Jean-Claude, Sous Chef

I loved having Lizzy as my server! I’m generally slow at eating and she wasn’t pushy towards me at all. She checked on us timely and I could tell she hoped I didn’t feel rushed in any way. Although the dining area is small the setup seems to accomodate well with the functionality; that’s something hard to manage anywhere.

My Server Lizzy

The menu is versatile but that only adds to this one-of-a-kind restaurant. Our appetizer selections, Korean Oxtail Soup and Ceviche, were unexpected by its presentation and so very delicious. The Korean Oxtail Soup really impressed me, especially since I grew up eating oxtail and love it! The enriched brown broth with mushrooms that soaked in the flavors of it all made the taste of the soup so savory… I wanted seconds.

Korean Oxtail Soup

To the extent of me wanting seconds I couldn’t let the broth go to waste.

Bee loves broth

The Ceviche had such a beautiful presentation and the watermelon added a nice touch to the salty and tangy combination of the dish.

Ceviche with Watermelon

For our main course we had the Rack of Lamb, Pork Belly, and Seared Scallops. Wow, the lamb tasted so GOOD! It was cooked to perfection and so were the green beans. The meat basically fell off the bones.


Rack of Lamb

The Pork Belly, man.. the Pork Belly. I wouldn’t expect the things on that plate to go so well with everything, from the eggs to the salsa verde, through all the uniqueness… nothing was out of place with this dish.

Pork Belly with Eggs

I wanted to get greedy with this next dish, the Seared Scallops, I really wish there were more on the plate but that’s just my inner fat kid talking. This dish had my taste buds so amazed by how well the basil espuma complemented the scallops.

Seared Scallops with Basil Espuma

Best of all, at the end Jean-Claude surprised my friend and I with a dessert plate of every dessert (how awesome is that?!). All the desserts were delectable but I fell in love with the basil ice cream and I would seriously buy a tub of that. The sauces along the dish highlighted the desserts so well. I had a lot of fun adventuring with everything on the dish. That should be a selection on it’s own. Everything I had that night looked so alluring and beautiful that I didn’t want to touch the plates. I would’ve rather displayed them in a china cabinet (that is if I could keep the food sustained and preserved). Everything was so delicious and poignant that I can’t wait for another experience at The Admiral!!! Please keep up with the creativity!

Dessert Platter with Basil Ice Cream

A happy and well fed customer,

Bee Chanseri

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