December Night Window Shopping Pics in Asheville NC

I was just walking around Downtown Asheville thinking and taking some video. Grabbed these stills for me, love the season, businesses getting involved, and people being maybe a little more merry (even if they are forced by friends and family). For me, Christmas is not a time to run around like mad, visiting and gifting everyone you can… but it is more of a time where I would like to get the key people in my life a gift, share a dinner or two, and do a lot of reflection. Mix that in with tieing up loose ends and editing and confirming my goals for 2009… and there goes every minute.

Let’s go into this New Year prepared. Make a List! What things need to be tied up before the year ends? What are your personal, business, social, and financial goals for 2009? How can you be more effective (green) in everything you are doing? Whether it is using your time more wisely or getting rid of things that simply are a waste of time; savor your moments in these coming years. Let you life make a impact where it is most welcome. Make sure you determine a fair, proper balance between work, family, fun, hobbies, etc.

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