Deaverview Apartments in West Asheville NC

What used to be a drug crazed war going on in these housing projects, seems to be toned down over the last year or so. What is the future of these 2-Story Townhouses which are low income housing projects? A big development is making way right next store to these so are they going to attempt to blend it in, or will the developers eventually acquire these… or will the City start investing and make these nice condos on the affordable housing side… or will they just eventually get another facelift?

One thought on “Deaverview Apartments in West Asheville NC

  1. Lets hope that either the Housing Authority goes under new management completely so that the people in here are treated like human beings or better yet, plow over the whole dang thing and rebuild.

    The apartments are falling apart, and good luck getting the HACA to help you in any other way other than to ignore you. I used to live in there when I was in a rough place last year, and moved out VERY quickly afterwards…and it wasn’t the people LIVING in there, but the people in charge!

    Put it this way, the cable co. doesn’t even want to continue providing service here….the place is a dump. Trash everywhere, and the smell on certain nights smells like raw sewage…I pity ANYONE who gets stuck in this rat hole even for 1 day.

    The people, for the most part, are VERY nice…kept to themselves and watched out for each other. If it wasn’t for the way the owners treated the residents, it wouldn’t be all that bad. In fact, they have a part of the lease that says they can go into your apartment at any time they want, whenever they want, if they deem it necc. Not to mention that the maintenance is 90% (if not more) male, and some of these residents are young females. Seems a little, well wrong, that a grown man can go into a female’s house (even with them not there) and “fix” things.

    Honestly, it disgusts me…I am VERY happy I am out of there and was only stuck there for a short period of time. For those who have to move in there…say goodbye to a few things…

    1-your privacy
    2-your self respect

    HACA…you can get mad about what I have written…I could care less. I just wish more people had the GUTS to speak up against what is REALLY going on, because maybe then there would be what they say…

    “Each Development strives to offer a safe and unique environment for its residents by fostering personal and professional development and growth.”

    Treating the residents like a lower class citizen does NOT foster personal development and growth.

    For any resident of ANY HACA development, don’t let HACA bully you into staying quiet. Stand up for what is right, stand up for yourselves. The more we speak up, the faster things will change!

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