Days Inn Changes Asheville Signs / Logos, everywhere soon

Here is a video of the sign at the North Asheville Days Inn on Reynolds Mountain being swapped out for something with a little more flare to it. Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel just a little better. Companies like Days Inn are changing their look to match the times, adapt to simple feng-shui, and re-invent themselves in this new age we are living in. Out with the old business philosophy, and in with the new. Out with the old way to run a Country, and in with the new hi-tech way. Wireless Internet is more important than a hot tub, and colors change how people see you at certain times. (Man their are so many variables with true marketing). With these “old” colors (somebody please tell the last of the Shoney’s in the area… does Gary Lowe still own those?), you are identified with the past age, even if it is only 5 years ago. New is for everyone, older people or younger. Just like we keep up with the news, we must follow the times. Popular colors change with time, and a logo can always change meaning and express different or new ideas with age. Some of these expressions may not be good for the time, and that is where “Change” comes in. Here is the Days Inn chain taking some steps.

Crawford Sign Company and Imoco Crane was setting the signs on this Days Inn today.

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