Curly Haircut with Miriam at Bari Salon

When you move to a new area, you get little “firsts” or rites of passage as you start your life over in your new city. Most of them are what I like to call “mundane firsts:” first oil change, first trip to the dentist, first time filing taxes, first vet visit, first trip to the ER following the feline retaliation following the first vet visit, etc. Depending on the experience, “first haircut” might also go on that list. It can be boring, awkward, shocking, depressing, exhausting, discouraging, and expensive….kind of like shopping for pants.

Plus, my hair has had commitment issues for the longest time. My hair had always been wavy, I thought, but mostly straight, and definitely not curly. There was so much conflict and so little harmony between us. One day I realized that I spent much more time pleading, even negotiating, with my hair to make it straight, than any truly straight-haired person should. So I gave a little in the relationship, and learned that my hair, shockingly, is actually curly.

Here’s a side shot:

Problem not solved at this discovery, though. Problems only starting! Anyone with wavy, curly, or coil-y hair knows that it is a lifelong give-and-take relationship, and you’ll do really bizarre things to try to have as many good hair days as you can. Apple cider vinegar? Check. (And yes, I did smell like vomit that day). Bottomless money pit spent on experimenting with hair products? Check. “Co-washing?” Check. Microfiber sleeping cap? Check. “Plopping”? It’s a thing, and I’ve done it!

Then, I learned there’s a dry-cutting method of cutting curly hair, most often known as the Devacurl method, although some salons do their own Deva-inspired or similar method of dry cutting. In Minneapolis, I found a great salon that dry cut my hair, and couldn’t stand the thought of a regular cut now. So I did a little research and learned about Miriam (pictured below) at Bari Salon. Through an unofficial poll conducted by yours truly, The Internet voted Miriam the best curly hair stylist in Asheville, so to Miriam I went!

Miriam at Bari Salon Asheville
It was to my great pleasure that my first haircut here was a total success! Not at all like shopping for pants!

Here’s before the cut:


And after:

Asheville Haircut at Bari
I loved the time and attention Miriam devoted to really helping me get what I wanted, even when it came to cutting my bangs. I have weird cowlicks in my bangs, and most stylists spend no more than 3 minutes on my bangs before giving up and moving on. I got the bangs I wanted. Thank you, Miriam.

I was surprised by how curly my hair was in the end. It almost looked and felt like she used a curling iron, but somehow Miriam worked her magic and coaxed the most amazing texture out of my hair. I’m on day 2 as I write this, and wondering if I can duplicate what Miriam did on my own, or if I’ll wash the magic right out! Fortunately, she gave me pretty easy directions on how to achieve the same result at home.

Overall, Bari was a fantastic salon, and I plan to return to Miriam for future hair cuts. The staff were friendly, it was laid-back, and the location was pretty easy to access. I also appreciated that customers are encouraged to contact stylists directly to schedule appointments or communicate about upcoming appointments.

Bari Salon West Asheville

I regularly blog about my new life in Asheville at, and at the end of each post, I leave my reader(s) {{Hi, mom!}} with a Zen Banjo moment. Banjo is my cat, and his Zen is bountiful, so I have to capture it. So in keeping with tradition, I give you Zen Banjo:


For more Zen Banjo moments, to follow more of my “firsts” in Asheville, or get involved and send me suggestions of activities to try and places to go, visit to and leave a comment, or send me a tweet. I’m @ash2ville.

Bari Hair Salon Asheville NC

The end!

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