Craggie Brewing Company’s Toubab Brewe, named for Asheville’s own Toubab Krewe

Craggie Brewing Co.’s Toubab Brewe, named for Asheville’s own Toubab Krewe — Bele Chere Headliners

July 14, 2010 – Asheville, NC – In honor of Asheville’s own instrumental quintet, Toubab Krewe, Craggie Brewing Company released its newly crafted, Toubab Brewe* – a crisp, malty, and slightly hoppy Bavarian lager.

Based in Asheville, NC, both Toubab Krewe and Craggie Brewing Company contribute to the arts in their own ways. Toubab Krewe draws from American and West African influences to create a unique and groundbreaking blend of sounds while Craggie selects unconventional recipes to reflect the brewery’s innovative interpretation of beer. “Both Toubab and Craggie have their roots in Asheville and the pairing just feels like the perfect fit” – Craggie Brewing Crew

Not only is this a tasty local collaboration but the partnership will also benefit others on a global level. For each keg of Toubab Brewe sold, Craggie will donate $5 to Instruments4Africa, a non-profit selected by Toubab Krewe. Instruments4Africa facilitates artistic development for underprivileged youth and works to preserve music and arts in Africa.
“We are thrilled collaborate with Craggie Brewing Company and Instruments4Africa in an alliance that supports our communities both here in North Carolina and in West Africa.” – Toubab Krewe

Asheville itself boasts a vibrant art community, including music and hand-crafted beers. Craggie endeavors to support and highlight local artists as well as the thriving arts community as a whole. Through partnerships like this, both Toubab Krewe and Craggie Brewing Company hope to reach an even broader audience with their altruistic efforts.

Craggie Brewing Company:

Have a brewe for the worldwide krewe!

*Toubab Brewe: A Bavarian-Style Zwickel Beer
Organic Munich and Pilsen malts are bittered with Organic Hallertau Tradition. This unfiltered Bavarian lager is crisp and malty with a slight hoppy flavor. ABV 4.2%

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