Costco Coming To Asheville? Sam and Bob Beware!

Costco has always been the preferred place for me to shop when it is accessible. Greenville South Carolina Costco is nice if I have to be out that direction for one reason or another, but when they come to Asheville… I am there! Check out this cool video I took of Costco in Greenville.

2 thoughts on “Costco Coming To Asheville? Sam and Bob Beware!

  1. I love Costco. Would be great to see them in asheville. They do have a store in Spartanburg as well. Cool video.

  2. The Spartanburg Costco is slightly further from AVL-HVL than the one in Greenville, but it's a lot easier to get there — zip straight down I-26 to the second exit after the I-85 interchange. You'll see Costco on the left as you're approaching the exit.

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