ConnectMe QR – Custom QR Code & Mobile App – Free for Asheville FOREVER!

This is an exciting time for Asheville North Carolina! For the month of June 2011, residents in the Asheville area will be allowed to get the mobile ConnectMe QR app for free for life.

ConnectMe QR is based in Asheville. They wanted to give back to the local community by laying the groundwork for AVL to be QR Code City USA.

You do not need a smartphone to have a QR Code and account. You can set up a free account, customize your QR Code where it points to your content, put in on your blog, Facebook, send it out over Twitter, put in on your business cards and more. As you can see in the picture, when someone scans and reads your code, it takes them to a simple dashboard where they can choose how they want to contact you and what content of yours they would like to see. This is the ultimate QR Code to mobile website platform for your business!

Asheville… Click Here to Get Your Free ConnectMe QR Code Account Today!

Also see some press release videos on QRCodeMedia’s YouTube Channel

Also see the blog post by G Social Media called “Why I love my ConnectMe QR Code”

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