Cindy Walton Featured Fine Artist at Charlotte, N.C., Gallery

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Noted abstraction fine artist Cindy Walton today opens an exhibit of selected original abstractions in cold wax as the featured artist through March 31 at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery, which represents a juried selection of distinctive, award-winning artists.

The opening of the exhibit is tonight, and includes new works in the artist’s dynamic Horizon Lines series.

Working predominantly in the Cold-Wax medium, Cindy Walton explores the horizon line as a compositional element. For the viewer, the orientation of the horizon line informs their perception of the visual landscape.

“Through color and texture, I draw the viewer into the environment I have created,” says Walton. “While the physical nature of the horizon is not always obvious, it is a theme which runs through my work.”

Additionally, the layered application of cold wax and paint adds to the originality of each of these abstracts. In fact, Walton’s mastery of versatility in medium and mood captured the attention of regional art enthusiasts in 2010 with her introduction of the cold wax medium – consisting of a beeswax paste mixed with oil paints for a matte, layered texture – into her repertoire. The result has generated a furor of interest among discerning collectors and experts in the U.S. and abroad.

Recently accepted to the juried National Association of Women Artists, Walton enjoys emerging prestige as an artist with increasing significance in the national arena, and is a sought-after instructor by professional artists interested in the cold wax technique.

For more information on Cindy Walton, visit, and learn more about Charlotte Fine Art Gallery,

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