Christian Enlightening Weekend Asheville

Christian Enlightenment Weekend Intensive at The Prama Institute with Albert J LaChance & Dale Allen Hoffman

Fri Jul 10 at 5:00 pm until Sun Jul 12 at 12:00 pm at The Prama Institute on 310 Panhandle Road
Contact Info: 8282520557 or email:

Albert J LaChance and Dale Allen Hoffman have discovered a means to speak about Jesus both as founder of what we know today as Christianity as well as an eastern teacher whose guidance in its original near-eastern Aramaic essence illuminates a pathway to enlightenment. They endeavor to bring the word of Christ up to date by liberating it from its 2,000 year imprisonment in Latin and Greek and to bring forth a direct Unitive experience of the presence of Christ. A fresh and rejuvenating experience of the awakened heart of the Christian faith that beats in true harmony with Eastern religions and philosophies as well as indigenous cultures throughout human history.

The weekend intensive experience offers a very refreshing and supportive presentation of Christian sacramental mysticism that awakens and rejuvenates the core insights of Christian faith, including the rituals of Baptism, Anointing and Eucharist–Communion."

In the words of Hoffman, "We weren't supposed to change the message, the message was supposed to change us."

**$200 Early Registration BEFORE June 30th!!**$250 After June 30th, 2009**price does not include food, eco-dorm accommodations or on-site camping**Prama Institute Eco-Dorm Accomodations: $40 additional per night

Camping On-Site: $20 additional per nightFor additional information about accommodations at The Prama Institute, please call Ramesh at (828) 649-9408.

The Prama Institute is a Holistic and Eco-Retreat center located in Marshall, North Carolina on 150 acres of rolling hills and forest lands with hiking trails and panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Miles of pristine hiking trails including access to the French Broad River.

The word Prama means "dynamic balance" in Sanskrit. Individual Prama: harmony between body, mind and spirit. Collective Prama: balance between people, community and environment.

Staying at The Prama Institute – Eco Dorms, Camping, & Food

There are 4 beautiful eco-dorms available at the Prama Institute. Each room has 4 craftsmans bunk beds and access to showers & bathrooms.

Camping is also available for those who wish to sleep under a blanket of stars. The camping area is a 15 minutewalk to the retreat facility. There are no bathrooms in the camping are but you do have access to showers & bathrooms is the main facility area.

**Attendees will be able to pack their own lunch or travel a few minutes into downtown Marshall for their meals. Prama will NOT be serving meals for this event.

**For more information about Christian Enlightenment with Albert J LaChance and Dale Allen Hoffman, please call Dale at (828) 252-0557

Full Weekend Intensive Retreat details available at:

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