Chariots of Choir – DVD Viewing Party in Asheville

Hey everyone,
I’ve finished a new edit of my last 48-Hour movie, a mockumentary titled Chariots of Choir. Along with the great people of Cannes Deux Films, we made a movie in 25 hours last June. While the film didn’t garner any awards in the 48-Hour competition, I was determined to put together a DVD for the team. In the process, I re-edited the film. This “Producer’s Cut” (the director wasn’t available) is now 13 1/2 minutes long and possibly even funnier than the original cut — not to take anything away from our great editor, Brett McCall, who had to create a 7-minute story out of 55 minutes of disparate footage and deliver it on time. He did a terrific job, and everyone who’s seen the original cut has raved about it.

So come to Posana Cafe’s back room on Wednesday, October 13, for lunch and a private viewing of the DVD. Things will start at 11:30, but the DVD viewing will commence around noon. I’ll show the original cut in addition to the re-edited version. Maybe I’ll even show some of the many special bonus features on the disc.

Mark your calendars and please RSVP (so I can let the restaurant know how many to expect). Bring a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor. Let’s celebrate the creative place Asheville is and break some (gluten-free) bread together while being (I hope) thoroughly entertained. I look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon. We all have to eat, right?
     -Best, Mark
Mark H. Bloom
writer / editor / blogger / filmmaker / community volunteer

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