Catawba Valley Brewing in Biltmore Village, Asheville NC

catawba valley beer asheville

Beer just ain’t what it used to be in Asheville North Carolina. It just keeps getting better and better. And recently, Catawba Valley Brewing Company opened up a second NC location in Biltmore Village. This place is great. They have so many great brews on tap, the staff is great, and the temporary location is the perfect spot to roll out the red carpet for their permanent location across the street, right behind Fig Bistro.

catawba valley brewing asheville

We have already have a bunch of great times at the new Catawba Valley Brewery! We walked in one night and Circus Mutt was on stage and the place was packed out.. running into the parking lot. Locals, tourists and friends all over the place. The spot is located about 1/2 mile straight outside the gates of the Biltmore Estate, right past several eateries and lots of shopping.

friends catawba valley brewing asheville

With so many Asheville Breweries offering plenty of craft beer choices; Catawba Valley Brewing is definitely one of the stops you want to make.

2 thoughts on “Catawba Valley Brewing in Biltmore Village, Asheville NC

  1. I was really excited to hear that Catawba was able to open this second location in historic Biltmore Village. I haven’t gotten a chance to check this place out yet, but I am really looking forward to it (always love supporting a place with a great staff). While I am no beer connoisseur (still have a lot more to learn), I’m consistently blown away by the developing scene here in Asheville. Thanks for sharing!

    • I heard that Steve! Yes, love the Catawba spot in Biltmore Village, can’t wait for their big place to open across the street.

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