Building a Home for the Homeless

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Have you ever considered what it might take to get a homeless person off the street or out of tents and into a home or apartment or mobile home when those are the options in play?

Have you ever considered that if you start by putting a person in a tent on a secure piece of land with certain basic amenities like the ones in camp grounds – you might actually be doing a good thing when considering a long term plan to get the homeless into housing?

Have you ever considered that putting a person in a tent on a secure piece of land might actually help cut down on negative police interaction as well as promote a better feeling of acceptance on the part of many homeless people while allowing other professional service providers the opportunity to meet with homeless people in a less challenging environment.

There are so many wonderful variables attached to a well thought out and constructed plan to getting homeless people into homes, knowing many have special needs that need to be accounted for in advance.

Many communities in the US have built mostly unused Community Centers due to the fact that most residents spend most of their time at home when not at work etc.

But many homeless would love to have fully functional Community Centers where they can hang out, play all sorts of games, use computers, interact with Care Specialists and so much more.

In communities such as the ones we are talking about – it is important to have onsite semi-professional medical care for the purpose of keeping ambulances and hospitals out of the picture for as long as possible, preventing needless and many times unbearable medical expenses that either bury the homeless person or become a write off burden to the medical services community.

The good news here in Asheville is that appears to be a wonderful group of multi-talented volunteers or at the very least – easy to compensate semi pros and pros in many of the important service provider venues that would be necessary to help make such a program work properly.

To be honest – Homeless psychologies are actually very similar to the psychologies middle class and upper middle class individuals and families’ experience. They just focus more on Rejection and Loss of faith in this, that or the other causing a homeless person to Give up for the most part.

So, Building a Home for the Homeless requires more Love by the community which wants them to succeed and at the same time, not worry about the effect of the Homeless on their own lives.

Can this be accomplished? Absolutely

Are there others out there who understand the rest of this blog that has not yet been published? Absolutely

Are you willing to be part of the Greatest Commission ever presented to the world? I hope so.

Thank you for listening

Rabbi Marty Weitzman

President – Asheville Homeless Network

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