Building Community in Candler-Town USA!

candler town usa enka Candler-Town USA is one of the key up and coming communities on the outskirts of Asheville. I was roaming around the other evening, stopped to get a drink and work on my mobile, and I ended up bumping into several friends. We talked, joked, laughed and had a good ole time. Now I have to be honest, when I first found out about this area, there was little to do and talk about. There was no Hooker’s Gap like our friends in Leicester had, so it was usually lights out at 9. But now, a lot of things are changing and growing. The Enka Candler area right off of I-40 is five minutes from the famed Haywood Road in West Asheville, and less than 15 minutes to the center of downtown. Pretty sweet location, if you are not looking to lodge boutique style for hundreds a night.


When you get off the highway at Enka Candler, you will see several gas stations, fast food spots, a Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts, and it has several great budget hotels including Sleep Inn. When it comes to food, you can find some delicious local eateries in the area. You have the Rejavanation Cafe which features amazing breakfast, lunch and baked goods. Another great spot is Artisan Deli on Sand Hill Rd. And then there is Frank’s Roman Pizza and the Asheville Sandwich Company right near Applachian Motors on Sardis Rd. A new brewery is on the way too! Oh, and El Chapala is the place to go for authentic Mexican food. If you head up to the Biltmore Square Mall area, there is also Stone Ridge Tavern and Apollo Flame Bistro. Then there is a Fatz Cafe, Applebee’s, J&S Cafeteria, and IHop right on Smoky Park Highway as well.


We have a bunch of team members and friends in Candler-Town USA, and have been meeting, having a good time and making plans for the area. Building community! Maybe you live in Enka Candler and would like to get together and involved?! Get in touch with us and lets talk.

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