The Buffalo Nickel in West Asheville

buffalo nickel west asheville We were headed to west Asheville for a meeting. There are plenty of wonderful options when it comes to eating on this end of town. Within a 1/2 mile walking distance of each other, you are faced with choices such as The Admiral, Bandidos, Walk, Universal Joint, Nona Mia, Westville Pub, the famed Biscuit Head, Isis, the new Buffalo Nickel and several more. And Asheville Beer is Everywhere! asheville bar buffalo nickel We decided to try the Buffalo Nickel, and glad we did. They have a ground level restaurant, a loungish upstairs with a beautiful bar, tables to dine, a couch and chairs to relax on, plus a whole bonus room of pool tables and high tops on the side. asheville beer buffalo nickel Lots of great brews on tap of course. We ate the Pork Belly, some Clams, and the Wreckfish. So good!

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