BrookesCooks Custom Order Bakery in Asheville NC

My bakery was born as the result of a lifelong passion for baking and BrookesCooks private clientele growing beyond legal limits. I had a wonderful Mother, Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers that were all great cooks, homemakers and pie makers- unreal examples for my life! Also, I grew up in NY State and spent a TON of time in fancy restaurants and bakeries with my Dad. He knew everybody and often gained me access to kitchens and chef’s, where I fell in love with the gorgeous desserts and beautiful presentations. This was where my addiction and lifelong quest for the perfect cheesecake began. I dubbed myself the “queen” of cheesecake and have literally spent my entire life perfecting my version. I honestly don’t think you can find cheesecakes as good as mine and my variety of flavors are unique and endless.

I have always been really old-fashioned both in the way I cook and in my lifestyle in general. My main “motto” is “not too sweet.” A wonderful dessert does not have to be overdone with too much sugary extras. The majority of the recipes I’m using are old family recipes with my new-fangled touches. I use as much natural and local ingredient as possible -NO artificial ANYTHING!! I have my own chickens for the freshest, most wonderful eggs. My pies are award winning, gorgeous and fabulous! Check out my oak-leaf crust on my website. “Custom Order” comes from frugality- the desire to eliminate waste and my LOVE of working directly with my customers. On either the simplest cake or unique projects like my nature-inspired “Appalachian” four season wedding cakes and (my favorite!) my customers’ special requests for their own old family favorites.

During the holidays I did wonderful bourbon fruit cake, Kentucky Jam cake and an elderly customers’ mothers’ recipe for “Amalgamation” cake from the recipe he passed on to me in her own hand! What a thrill!! Everything is fresh, custom made-to-order especially for you!! I deliver from my farm on the north side of town to anywhere within the city limits for free and to Creatures Cafe near Pritchard Park twice a week.

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