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Asheville blogs have been around for many many years. Whether it is just residents in the community having thier own blog for their lives or businesses; or Asheville community blogs where many writers are involved. Both types of these blogs can have resources such as local Asheville North Carolina links, information, photos, etc. Our blog, which you see above in the video, is a local resource for people who live here, people that are headed here, or people who just want to read some great information about Asheville North Carolina.

Asheville and Western North Carolina have such a diverse and wide mixture of people including “born and raised here”, “relocaters from around the world”, “the comeback crowd, who left and returned”, “the business crowd, who moved here for business”, and so many more classes and groups. We desire variety; and our blog authors, blog guests, and blog writers… combined with our different worlds, lives, and experiences are able to produce that. If one of the Asheville Blog Authors have a multi-focused mindset, life, or career, all the better. More Asheville information from multiple resource avenues.

If you live or frequent one of these areas below, please consider becoming one of our Authors:

1. Buncombe County North Carolina – 2. Asheville Real Estate – 3. Asheville Construction – 4. Weaverville North Carolina – 5. Waynesville North Carolina – 6. Hendersonville North Carolina – 7. Mars Hill North Carolina – 8. Marshall North Carolina – 9. Black Mountain North Carolina –

Just send us an email at about where and why you fit in and let us set you up 1, 2, 3! If you have a Gmail account, it makes it that much easier and better for all of us. It is all about blogging to us on everything from ideas, photos, area info, local hobbies, local events, local businesses, organizations, churches, clubs… and so on.

There has been some word out lately about “bloggers fatigue” in Asheville. I know how that can be… having a million things to do, and blogging not really paying the bills. Here are some ways to keep a consistent blog of interest up.

1. Do not feel as if you have to write a book. Sometimes I feel like gabbing, and sometimes I just post a photo and a sentence. Use photos! Take one, get one from Picasa or Flickr, or whatever… but add some color and life to that blog text.

2. Do not feel like “you” have to necessarily completely like what you are blogging about. Who made that rule anyway? If your blog is a public blog, then maybe you would want to start and continue talking about other things outside of your “inner circle”.

3. Give information when you blog. Tips, ideas, happenings… establish landmark information about your post. Mention names, streets, areas, crossroads, whatever. Not just Asheville, but West Asheville, Patton Ave right in front of Wachovia Bank on the corner of Louisiana Avenue. The more information you give, the more readers have. You are investing information to the world! Link to sites… Websites need backlinks, so if you are blogging… hook them up with a hyperlink and give your readers ease should they wish to click-over. We rather give them the info they are looking for (even if they have to leave), than keep them on “our” site.

4. Dedicate a time every week… and work your way into every day if it fits. Some people put up one blog and die, while others put up about 10 blogs right away and never write again. Schedule 15 minutes a week to write one simple blog. Some of you can do it in 5 minutes. Once you get comfortable and are blogging well, you can up the time to 30 minutes per week or up the number of days per week to 3, 5, or 7… whichever fits for you.

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