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Cynthia, my beautiful bride and I, are sooooo glad we moved to Asheville because of the weather . . . we’re still laughing over the remembrance that when we moved, we were told we’d never have to worry about snow . . . it just never happens . . . WRONG!

The real problem seems to be that while they have snow plows here, they don’t have very many of them . . . also, because of the mountains, when there is bad weather, everything closes down–often for days.

Though overall the weather is still a bit milder in both the winter and summer (than in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey area), we still wouldn’t mind less of the harsh winter.

However, it has enabled us to see the beauty of the area when it is snow-covered . . . this is particularly noticeable when walking down to the lake that surrounds our community.

In addition, the weather surprisingly has enabled us to get caught up on some of our dining-out adventures . . . when you can’t get out for several days, you find yourself anxious to get to any place that’s open . . . so we’ve recently revisited these eateries:

* Pomodoros has always been one of our favorites . . . they, like many other restaurants in the area, will go out of the way to work with Cynthia to accommodate her current dietary restrictions (no wheat, no sugar, no dairy) . . . she recently enjoyed an order of lamb chops, and I liked my chicken marsala . . . salads for both of us were excellent and so was the attention we received from Lisa, our server . . . for more information, please click:

* We were likewise impressed by P.F. Chang’s . . . . Hannah, our server, wanted to make sure everything was just right . . .  so when she couldn’t answer Cynthia’s questions, she brought her manager Allison to the table . . . . the meal was just perfect as a result . . . Cynthia liked her Buddha’s Feast with shrimp, and I enjoyed my Hong Kong beef with snow pea pods . .  . for more information, please click:

Asheville-based speaker, coach and all-around great human being, Cheri Britton has agreed to be the opening speaker at the Lessons in Leadership event on January 26th at UNC-A’s Lipinsky Auditorium. Cheri’s light-hearted insights into human nature and hilarious anecdotes about life will be entertaining, enlightening and truly, inspiring. 

PLUS, Lessons in Leadership will be the first time that Texas-based Doug Hanson and our own Cheri Britton will share a stage!

This really is shaping up to be the event of the year, and seats are filling up quickly. If you haven’t done so already, just go to: 

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