Biltmore Square Mall’s Game Stop Asheville

Just about every time I enter the Biltmore Square Mall, I pass by Game Stop and it is usually packed out. Sometimes if the kids are with me, I have to tell them to step away because there is simply no room. Besides all of the stores in the Asheville area suffering, Biltmore Square Mall has always suffered somewhat. It is sometimes called “The Rich Mall”, “The Boring Mall”, “The Prison Mall” (because of the security officers being rude and over reacting), “The Sleeping Mall” (see people sleep on the sidelines waiting for something to happen) and “The Dead Mall”, read more by clicking HERE.

They just need to call it the Asheville Mall South or #2 and let the mall on Tunnel Road just buy them out. Somebody was saying the other day that the Biltmore Square Mall is going to head in the “Clearance Outlet” direction. How can these poor people revive this mall? What about an area survey and ask the people what they want in that mall? It is sad for businesses to go into that mall with excitement, and the whole overtone quickly becomes dim, second line, and now second hand (Dillards Outlet, and also Envy Me… who just came from the Asheville mall because of no business). I say we redo the whole mall and start all over, before it gets even worse. Finish this Christmas season, recruit Macy’s or something worthwhile, and then build from there. Belk’s is the “last one left” and going down. Goody’s already took off. Who runs the strategy over there anyway? Game Stop and Chik-Fila keep this mall alive to say the least. People crowded these two stores. You can see some video on To visit Game Stop, just click HERE!. Oh, and if you really think you want to visit the Biltmore Square Mall, click HERE.

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