Big Wheel Racing in Asheville?

It’s 12:00 A.M. on a Friday night do you know what your kids are doing? If they like to live on the edge chances are you will find them on the back of a homemade Big Wheel made from Old Mongoose mountain bikes and just about anything else. Everyone is welcome to join the men and women of all ages who brave the Drunk Drivers and the watchful eyes of the local Police as they speed down 74-A. With Leather Jackets and Full face Motorcycle helmets they hit Speeds of just over 50mph. Why do they do it “Because they can”. Just about anybody can join this group of 3Wheeled Speed junky’s The rules are Simple #1. No Motor’s allowed #2. Be Safe #3. Have Fun #4. 3 Wheels (2 Wheels are Ok But it has to be Pink) #5. Brakes (That Work) You can Buy your Ride Or You Can Build Your ride its Up to you. They Meet next to the Sprint Store on Patton Ave. Every Friday and Saturday Night. This Location was at one time known for its Popularity within the Sport Bike Motorcycle realm. But is now Home to this new gang of Dare Devil’s and adrenalin seekers. So come on out and see some of the cleanest fun, Down Home people, and some Redneck engineering at its finest. Meet some old friends and Make some new ones

One thought on “Big Wheel Racing in Asheville?

  1. Very interesting. And people wonder what to do in Asheville… Get a life, get a 3 wheeler, and get rolling. Thanks.

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