Benefit Party inspired from the Pirate Cove fire brings some of Asheville’s best talents together

The Pirate Cove house owned by Sneaky McFly, local performing artist, has been a haven for party goers, artist, musicians, performers and the members of Hot Tub Church. Last week that all changed when a fire ravished the house, completely gutting the upstairs and causing water and smoke damage to the rest. The current residents, as well as Sneaky, were instantly homeless and without anything but the clothes on their back. Fortunately, Sneaky was very good about keeping up with the insurance payments and the house will be rebuilt and the stuff will be replaced.

When some of the other artist in town heard of the disaster they got together with the Hookah Bar to throw a benefit for the current residents. Sneaky met with the renters and they decided that they didn’t need the money and could make do until the insurance kicked in. Well, the show must go on so now the benefit has become one of love for the Pirate Cove and one of money for the Red Cross. The Red Cross was there to help out the victims of the fire, just as they have been for so many others and therefore the $7 suggested donation will go to benefit the good work they do.

Now check out the lineup that features some of the biggest talent in Asheville…

Seduction Sideshow
Bootstraps Burlesque
Unifire Theatre
One Leg Up Gypsy Jazz
John Wilkes Booth and the Black Tooth
Members of the Fire Cracker Jazz Band
Belly Dancers of Baraka Mundi and much much more.

The show will be in a talent show format and all performers are welcome as long as there is time. To get on the list or to get more info please email

See it all this Saturday night the 19th at the Hookah Bar. Doors open at 9 pm

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