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asheville before I die

Asheville has been recently blessed with the “Before I Die” wall downtown, right across from Barley’s Pizza and right next to Doc Cheys. When you think about the huge message behind this idea, it asks the question.. “what do you want to do while you still have the chance?” Is there someone you need to tell or show your love to? Is there someplace you want to go? Is there something you want to do? I remember sitting in a church pew in Greenville South Carolina years ago, and the Preacher spoke on “Don’t Let It Slip!” One of the points in his message was to “Make Memories While Your Still Can” and it will be embedded in my heart forever. We make memories in the moment. In the social media world, every time I take a photo, I am capturing a space in time that will most likely never be reproduced or replayed. We do not have forever, but while we still have time on our hands, it would mean the world to your own self if you declared some “bucket list” milestones and aspirations. Write them down too, because if you do not, there is a chance that they will be forgotten or overrun with the hustle and bustle of right now. Here are a few questions that maybe you can answer:

  1. Where would you like to travel? Have you ever seen a photo or video, or maybe a TV show about somewhere amazing that you would like to visit? Put it down, find out travel costs, and put it on your list!
  2. What can you do to help humanity at large? This could be something on a worldwide level, or it could be a simple act of care in your local community. Maybe it is feeding the homeless around your neighborhood. Maybe it is building agricultural systems in third-world countries. What about teaching that great skill you have to others in the community? Maybe it is using your lip service and purpose what you say to encourage and build people up mentally and emotionally. There is so much that each one of us can do to make a difference. Now all we have to do is make a decision to do it.
  3. Where would you like to live? Making a move can change your whole perspective of and in life. Sometime where you grew up or lived for most of your life is a wonderful place and you could not imagine being happier anywhere else. Other times, you just know you need to get away and start all over in a new land of opportunity.
  4. Who would you like to meet? This question could be friendship or romantically based, or both. Have you ever felt robbed when meet some great people and then ask “where have they been all of my life?” And there are so many more people out there that deserve to meet you and be a part of your life as well. There are folks all around the world, who can somewhat complete us, fill in a gap, and change your life for the better and forever. Or maybe just for a reason or a season. Who knows? But listing the types of people we want to come in contact with, and then actively pursuing it, will grant you with many more opportunities.
  5. What would you like to do? Maybe you want to ride a Hot Air Balloon, or experience a Cruise, or go Scuba Diving, or drive an Exotic Car, or Buy a Home, or Build a Business, or Change The World. Whatever it is, add it to the list and start the journey to making it happen!

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