Beautiful Photos of “The Cut” in Asheville by YeKaterina

asheville the cut

While browsing Facebook, I came across a beautiful photo of “The Cut” in Asheville; a place where many folks go to hang out and overlook the City. I most commonly see people on Twitter asking “Where is The Cut?” and “How do I get to “The Cut?” Nobody knows lol. Actually there are several places that could be considered “The Cut” around town that feature incredible views of Asheville North Carolina. But YeKaterina was there recently and then shared these photos with us:

the cut in asheville

Here is another similar angle from “The Cut”

asheville cut at night

And finally, a night shot from “The Cut”

Asheville has so many great spots to take photos! If you have directions to any spots such as this, comment below and let us know how to get there!

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