UNC Asheville Cross Country Hosts Home Meet September 20th


This is how we feel about waking up before 6 on a Saturday.

Last Saturday the UNC Asheville Cross Country team competed in the Pre-Conference meet at Gardner-Webb (which is in Boiling Springs, aka the middle of nowhere.) We upperclassmen were taking a rest weekend doing a workout instead of the race, but of course we wanted to go cheer our teammates on. Our only problem: there were 6 of us and only 5-person cars. Luckily, I have a [great, wonderful, fantastic] boss who lets me borrow his car, if I’ll blog about the trip, of course.

I began the morning at 5 a.m., which I forgot existed, but apparently it does. I picked up Gary’s car – after getting lost – and was well on my way back to the school when I got a call from Gary saying his brain had been a little scrambled because of the early hour and he forgot to grab the car seat. Way to go, Gary! Luckily, the red light gods had my back and I somehow made it to the school on time to meet for our “shake-out,” or shuffle/jog before breakfast.


The team van passing us at “high speed.”

We hit the road around 7 a.m. with only a few surprises – I couldn’t figure out how to turn the windshield wipers completely off. Oh, and I learned that driving over 75 mph in a larger car (I drive a tiny Honda Civic, so I’m not used to anything taller than a couple feet off the ground) produces a noise that sounds like the car is about to explode. You don’t test that. So I was stuck at 75.


We arrived, we ran, we conquered. The upperclassmen did a workout on the race course as our 5 underclassmen warmed up, then we cheered them on while they raced. I brought my camera so that I could take photos of them while racing, but of course, I was too busy yelling animatedly, so I forgot. No one looks good in running pictures anyways. Our girls looked strong though, making it an exciting beginning to the season.

10670029_938371242844953_5386550018320397508_n ASE_3276

The real reason we run.

After a core circuit, a quick stretch sesh, and a much-needed outfit-change, we hopped back in the car. Unfortunately, I turned the key and the gas light came on. In a middle-of-nowhere-town, finding a gas station is a real challenge! Apparently, so is finding a way to open the gas tank. I had to call Gary to figure it out, talk about an embarrassing phone call.

ASE_3285 ASE_3319

An Oreo-induced sugar high only lasts so long, and I was in the middle of a conversation when I realized everyone in the back was dead to the world. But when T-Swift’s “Shake It Off” came on for the third time in a row (each time on a different station, it was following us) they awakened long enough to jam out and then pass back out. Some company they were.


At last, we made it back to our beautiful home. My roommate, Erin, and I headed to Biscuit Head in West Asheville to trade out cars with Gary, intending just to grab the keys and leave, but of course we ended up staying for brunch. There’s really no way to pass up Mimosa Fried Chicken on a massive biscuit. The food mysteriously disappeared before I could get a picture.

image(1) image(2)

Game Face, ya’ll.

The UNCA Bulldog Cross Country team will host our annual home meet at Asheville Christian Academy (74 Riverwood Road in Swannanoa) this Saturday, September 20. The men’s 8k goes off at 9 a.m. with the women’s 5k to follow at 9:45. Come on out to cheer on your Bulldogs!

Celebrating Asheville’s ASE Photography


This August marks my third year as ASE Photography, my photography business which focuses on capturing the character and personality of my subjects. It’s certainly been fun to watch my photography skills and portfolio grow. Living in Asheville, I’ve enjoyed some amazing opportunities to work with other local artists and business people who have helped me improve my art and expand my brand. In celebration, I wanted to share some of my favorite work with the wonderful people of this artistic Asheville community which has helped start ASE Photography. Below are some examples of my favorite work, enjoy and thanks!

A beautiful May wedding at Yesterday Spaces.

A beautiful May wedding at Yesterday Spaces.

I worked my first wedding for a teammate in December 2012 and immediately fell in love with the style of photography as weddings are the perfect fit for my aesthetic of capturing love and genuine emotions. Visit my wedding site to see more wedding photos.

Fashion shoot in the Historic Montford Neighborhood

Fashion shoot in the Historic Montford Neighborhood

When Jaimie of JaimieMollie.com came to me asking if I could take photos for her fashion blog, I delightedly accepted. This led to a beautiful partnership and a lot of fun hunting through Asheville for creative places to shoot.

Judah and the Lion at the Orange Peel in February.

Judah and the Lion at the Orange Peel in February.

Last winter, I joined the Orange Peel House Photography team. Great live music AND photography? What’s not to love.

Advertising photos for my friend's home listing on Airbnb

Advertising photos for my friend’s home listing on Airbnb

I’ve always loved interior design, so when my friend asked me to photograph her home capturing its essence for promotion on Airbnb, I jumped at the chance. Not two weeks later, I started working for Morehouse Interiors in photography and social media and have loved every minute of it.

The Wedge

The Wedge

Joining the Ask Asheville team has offered me the chance not only to see and learn more about this beautifully unique city, but also to connect with numerous local business people. I’m looking forward to continuing my work with Gary as Ask Asheville’s signature photographer.

Fried Calamari from The Glass Onion

Fried Calamari from The Glass Onion

Being a summer intern for The Laurel of Asheville meant getting my work – both photography and writing – published for the first time, and what a whirlwind it was.

Chudier Pal goes up for a rebound against Winthrop

Chudier Pal goes up for a rebound against Winthrop

The upcoming school year also marks my third year as head photographer for the UNC Asheville Athletic Department. As a UNCA cross country and track athlete and sports enthusiast, photographing my fellow Bulldogs never feels like work.

Getting back to my photographic roots with film

Getting back to my photographic roots with film

Finally, I have found my photographic “voice” illustrating the necessity of art in all our lives. The photo above is from my latest project documenting my personal experiences in places that are overly photographed, such as the beach, using multiple exposure on film. You can read more about the project on my blog, Seriously-creative.blogspot.com.

I hope you have enjoyed a taste of my work. Feel free to contact me at aseartistry10@gmail.com to set up a photo shoot. Or visit my online gallery to order from some of my favorite images I’ve taken in my photographic adventures.


-Adrian Etheridge






[Wedding] Destination: Asheville

Asheville Weddings

Asheville is quickly becoming a premier wedding destination, and it’s easy to see why! Last month I worked a beautiful May wedding at Yesterday Spaces and the mountain views, rustic barn, glowing sunset, and nostalgic rope swing made for perfect backdrops for photos. As our fair city combines natural beauty with unique artistry, why get married anywhere else?

Photographed by: ASE Photography

Venue: Yesterday Spaces

Dress: Maggi Bridal (Raleigh)

Catering: Luella’s Bar-B-Que

Cake: Short Street Cakes

Flowers: Farm Girl Flowers (Lauri Newman)

Decorations: DIY

More photos below, and to check out the full wedding album click here.

Asheville Wedding Asheville Wedding Asheville Wedding Asheville Wedding Asheville Wedding

Morehouse Interiors, Bringing Creative Collaboration to your Home

Morehouse Interiors Studio Stroll Invitation AskA (Foreword by Adrian Etheridge, of ASE Photography)

It was the week before finals and amidst my frenzy to find a job for the summer, I happened across a flyer advertising a communications intern position with a “local interior design firm specializing in collaboration with local artists.” In a fit of excitement, I emailed the contact immediately, crossing my fingers for a job that would combine my skills in photography and social media with my love for interior design – not to mention the added of intensive of working closely with local artists (as art is my passion.)

Happily, I landed this dreamy internship, and have more than enjoyed working there the past few weeks. Caitlin Morehouse – who indeed specializes in collaboration with local artists, as the decorated walls of our studio show – is an artist herself who “believes that the less we look for boundaries between the two, the more beautiful spaces we can create.” She loves finding the art that speaks to clients and collaborating to turn their interiors into livable, personal works of art. With her quirky taste in vibrant and bold pieces (be them vibrant upholstery fabrics, ceramic backsplash tiles detailing a landscape, or handmade sardine-plastered bowls) getting a behind-the-scenes look into designing a home has been quite exhilarating.
Our fabric library is ever-growing. If you're looking for beautiful, quality fabrics then come to our studio, pull up a chair, and enjoy flipping through our many sample books.

Our fabric library is ever-growing. If you’re looking for beautiful, quality fabrics then come to our studio, pull up a chair, and enjoy flipping through our many sample books.

And now, we of Morehouse Interiors are happy to announce that this year we set up shop in the quirky River Arts District of Asheville, NC. In looking for a studio space, Caitlin’s vision was for it to “be a creative space in the truest sense. A place for people to get inspired and turn inspiration into various artistic collaborations; from hanging paintings to reuphostering a sofa.” Studio 254 in Riverview Station allows us to do just that, with a place to showcase some of the work of local artists with whom we collaborate for interior design projects, as well as sell interesting pieces and products we find at the High Point Market and other local venues. Soon, we will also begin using the front room (a wall splits our spacious studio into two parts – the back office and the front meeting room and gallery) to create vignettes of possible design combinations, again using the work of local artists and craftsmen with whom we collaborate. We will exhibit this last exciting feature on our blog once it is up and running, so keep your eyes peeled.
"Gallery Icon," aka our front meeting room, gallery, and vignette area.

“Gallery Icon,” aka our front meeting room, gallery, and vignette area.

However, the best part of residing in the River Arts District is the connection with the community that we get to enjoy. This weekend, June 14th and 15th, the RAD will host its biannual Studio Stroll, and we are excited for our first year of participation. Our studio – Studio 254 in Riverview Station on 191 Lyman St. – will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days, and we invite everyone to stop by to check out our eclectic space filled with our one-of-a-kind pillows, Cardboard Safari Animals (think deer head mount made of cardboard), Valerie Schnaufer ceramics, Caitlin’s own artwork, and much more. We will even have refreshments. (No, we are not trying to bribe you, unless it’s working.) Asheville, we hope to see you this weekend.
One of the artists represented in our studio: Valerie Schnaufer. Rabbithopstudio.com

One of the artists represented in our studio: Valerie Schnaufer

Yes, this really is a handmade African sardine bowl plastered with sardines.

Yes, there really is a handmade African sardine bowl plastered with sardines.

Caitlin's personal work is among the ranks of the art hanging in the studio. Surreal, pastel, bold.

Caitlin’s personal work is among the ranks of the art hanging in the studio. Surreal, pastel, bold.

 Even if you cannot attend the Stroll, there are many different ways to follow our work from our Pinterest storyboard documenting Studio 254’s design transformation (along with many other product and design boards) to our on-location Insta-pics.
Caitlin profile pic

Caitlin Morehouse

– Caitlin Morehouse & The Morehouse Interiors Team



Help UNC Asheville win $100,000!

Jaron Lane

Photo: Jaron Lane celebrates after UNCA Men’s Basketball’s big win over Coastal Carolina that put them into the Big South Conference regular season lead.

If you follow #Asheville on any form of social media, you’ve probably read about this “NCAA 6th Fan” competition. So what is this competition that has clogged your news feeds since January? “6th Fan” – a play on the “6th Man” title given either to the best reserve player off the bench or a team’s fans – is a contest between all Division I member institutions in which both schools and individual fans can win cash and prizes. Set up like a typical bracket, all member schools competed for a month for the top 16 spots because all Sweet Sixteen entrees receive sweet, sweet $10,000 scholarships each.

Last week, after feverish Facebook, Twitter, and online voting, UNC Asheville succeeded in landing a spot amid the top 16, garnering a $10,000 scholarship to be dispersed to random students (in the university’s own reward competition.)

But, just as Sweet Sixteen competitors still have 4 more games to win it all, UNCA has to make it through 4 more voting rounds to win the ultimate prize – $100,000 in scholarships. That’s where you, Asheville’s loving community, can help! With only 25 hours to go, Asheville is tied with round adversary Bryant University. Every single vote counts, so for UNCA to move on, we need to take to the Twitter-verse, the Facebook-osphere, and the world wide web (sorry, I ran out of creativity for that one.) Simply use the hashtags #UNCA #6thFan together for every Facebook or Twitter post, or vote for UNCA at 6thfan.ncaa.com. There is no limit on the number of votes per day, so vote your fingerprints off!

But wait, “what’s in it for me?” On top of awarding scholarships, the 6th Fan contest also gives away an iPad Air for each round, and all entrees are submitted to the final drawing for an all expenses paid trip to the 2015 Final Four in Indianapolis. So, let’s bring the “madness” to February and push UNCA in the Elite Eight!

-Adrian Etheridge, UNCA Cross Country and Track runner, photographer