AskAsheville’s Love Call (NLAA)

When AskAsheville was started, one of our main people was simply looking for a dashboard resource of Asheville without having to dig through many sites, links, and pages. The concept was born. We decided that the best thing we could do for Asheville North Carolina was to add any local businesses we could find (with a website of course) to our Asheville Search Engine.

We added all of the main Asheville North Carolina links on the top of every page of AskAsheville for quick reference, and also a QuickLinks page with 100’s and 100’s of local direct links.

We started asking some companies and sites around Asheville for some reciprocal links (love), but did not get any answer. So we asked again and some responded and said “yes”, some said “okay”, some said “no”, and one even said “he had no room on his site”, LMAO! (C’mon guy, looking at your site right now)

So we have this new phrase (and the man actually has an excel sheet) of NLAA (No Love At All) companies in Asheville who refuse to network with other area resources for one “reason” or another. They want to be the “Lone Ranger” Asheville resource and/or you must pay for their acceptance!!! “I Am The Authority and There Is Nobody Else” they think. Asheville is exploding my friend and you cannot contain it. It does not matter how long you have been here or how old your website is; Asheville is Bigger!

I remember one of the guys here went on AskMeta for some questions about the AskAsheville site, and got slammed by people saying “this should be on….” one of the Asheville sites (I will not mention what site they said, and it does not matter), just talking about attitudes. He did not even know about the site they mentioned and when I checked it out, there was not any place on the site to ask a question or for some feedback out of the blue.

Thought of this today as I was thinking about how actually contacted us (on Twitter) to let us know they were linking to us on their site. How awesome is that? We hit them back with a link on our blog and they have mucho kudos with us now! Thank you by the way. Reaching out and networking, that’s how you do it! Twitter page going up on very soon, with Asheville Twitter network links too. Watch my friends…

Maybe it is time for you to open up a little?

You can find an Asheville News feed that has dozens of Asheville resources contributing to it on Also visit Ask Asheville @

Oh… Asheville Live Cams is

3 thoughts on “AskAsheville’s Love Call (NLAA)

  1. I just saw your plea through my Google feeds and added you to my Around Asheville site. I thought I already had you 😉 Great website!

  2. Been linked to you for a while now on both my blogs: Blog Hendersonville and Hendersonville Epicurean. Just didn’t think about telling you about it. I also follow you on Twitter. The love is shared.

  3. Thanks for the follow on Hendersonville Epicurean. I’ve added the “follow” widget on Blog Hendersonville, if you’re interested in following there, also. I’ve verified that I’ve linked to you on both blogs.

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