Ask Asheville Videos – Like Never Before!

We have been on this video roll in Asheville North Carolina and it has been wonderful. Of course you get the people who do not like cameras as much as we do, you meet the camera shy, you also bump into that person looking for those “few seconds of fame”, and others who just maybe do not comprehend the whole YouTube idea. I have to explain to folks weekly that you can use YouTube for good, lol. Please do some research before pre-judging so much and so quickly. Good or Bad can come from anything, is not this called life? Here are some of our most recent Asheville videos for your enjoyment.

Click HERE to see Mars Hills Students in Downtown Asheville Raise Money for a Mission Trip to Costa Rica

Click HERE to see the Asheville Twestival, pre-rally at Pritchard Park Downtown AVL

For a nice, quick bongo solo… Click HERE

Meet the Asheville Hash House Harrriers on their Wild Red Dress Run in Downtown by clicking HERE

Also… The Asheville Hacky Sack Club at Pritchard Park… starting their season! Click HERE to see!

Oh, click HERE to see this band giving Asheville a free show, with lots of fun and dancing.

Thank you

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