Asheville’s Virtual Ambush Gaming Lounge

This Asheville based "video game heaven" is run very smoothly by a retired Military Police Officer who has dedicated his time, life and business to serving the great video gamer industry here in Asheville NC. It is a very safe haven for the kids who come to play and interact with many other gamers in Buncombe County and beyond. Video cameras are always live on the scene and you can view them live on their website at any time. There has only been a few instances where he had to escort some people out, who thought it was a "club" or pool hall. No way! It is a friendly, secure, family based fun place for people to hang and try almost every video game you can think of. They even have program where developers that are launching new video games sends them plenty of samples for gamers to try out free of charge, and submit a review before they have their grand release into public. They cater parties here, and could accomodate almost any type of get-together you can think of. They are open 7 days a week, around Noon on most days and 10am on the weekends. You can also call Tom (828-210-0017) if you have any questions about this great place that I personally love to bring the kids. Once we go, this place is all they talk about for weeks. You need to check it out!

One thought on “Asheville’s Virtual Ambush Gaming Lounge

  1. I have taken my kids here before. They loved the selection of games available to play that they didn’t have at home. I was able to work on my computer while they played the games for a couple hours. I highly recommend anyone with kids/teenagers to check this place out!

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