Asheville’s Transportation Future – Tram

Asheville Design Center
Wed May 20 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
The Design Center is located on 8 College St in Asheville North Carolina

Join Joachim Bruder and ADC’s David Johnson for a discussion about Asheville’s transportation future.

Just as it did with the implementation of an electric Streetcar over a hundred and twenty years ago, Asheville now has the chance to (re)establish itself as a public transportation trendsetter in North America. A new electric rubber-tired Tramline would have a positive effect on the environment and would serve as a symbol of a future-oriented plan for Asheville’s urban development.

One thought on “Asheville’s Transportation Future – Tram

  1. A tram system would be splendid for the city of Asheville. The city and county are both poised to take on continuous population growth and a tram system would be cost-effective and green.

    It would prove popular as has been shown time and time and time again in cities that have re-introduced modern tram networks, such as Nice (France), Manchester (UK), Amsterdam, San Diego and Portland (Oregon). This move would finally restore faith in a public transport system (which city’s are increasingly noticing and thus taking action) and people would subsequently ditch their cars, or at least put them somewhere out of sight for the day, with the knowledge there would be no need for vehicles in a pedestrian-embracing city. This move would also benefit businesses in the downtown district, bringing much-needed economic stimulation from an increased volume of foot traffic from visitors who might have otherwise been in a vehicle.

    It would encourage development to perhaps neglected parts of the city while bringing more attention on the city. It would become iconic and a memorable feature of a city that is increasingly dubbed “San Francisco of the East” and “Paris of the South”. It would spread Asheville’s blossoming reputation as a green city to far reaches of the country and perhaps even overseas. It would be innovative, daring, European, chic, unique and most-of-all attractive. Trams are beautiful and they beautify cities and it would make Asheville even more sexier than it already is. Bring on the tram!

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