Asheville’s Texas Roadhouse, Restaurant & Great Entertainment (check out the dancing!)

Asheville has plenty of restaurants and food options, but none is as fun as this one is sometimes. Here is some nice footage of the Texas Roadhouse on Hendersonville Road in Asheville North Carolina (a stones throw from Biltmore Village). You can tell the vibe of the people behind the scenes by the way the restaurant is run and the tone they pass on and keep alive. A bunch of friendly comfortable staff that does not even look for a minute like they need to be there. I love it. Bartender (Kristie) was very cool, inviting, and pro… so 100% there (and I did not even have a drink)… Bam! But the dancing in this video is very entertaining. The waitress with the antlers was trying to sell those Texas Roadhouse gift cards like mad. Nice pitch. Thanks. I will be back.

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