Asheville’s “Moms” Graffiti Gang, plagued by wannabees?

So the Moms graffiti crew of Asheville North Carolina has been the main street artists since Ishmael left town years ago. Much of their work is “honored” by the graffiti world and has some sort of style or art to it. Then comes some of the other taggers that end up giving the whole graffiti world a really bad taste. Maybe you remember the old movie “Beat Street” that was taken in New York City with many real life stories. They had a graffiti artist named “Spit” and the real graffiti artists despised his vandalism. It even ended up in a couple of deaths.

So now we come back to the Moms graffiti group of Asheville. Are these the same people putting up those big black disgusting tags on I-40 and also on the old Dominoe’s Pizza on Merrimon Avenue? Sometimes crews get tag-alongs that want to do something to get their name out, or do something extremely distasteful for attention. Graffiti is somewhat accepted and will always be around in some sort, but this type of vandalism raises angry residents in Buncombe County. Moms, is this all you and what do you have to say for yourselves? I just know most serious, real graffiti groups despise work like this on Dominoe’s Pizza. Is the market that bad that the crew cannot even afford to purchase some colors and produce real “street art” anymore? What’s going on?

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11 thoughts on “Asheville’s “Moms” Graffiti Gang, plagued by wannabees?

  1. or completely wrong..real “graffiti groups” actually think that is the rawest form/best of graffiti out..if your pissed..its good

  2. The top photo is graff, the bottom is something my 3 year old would do if they got their hands on a spray can.

  3. i see that all around!
    lol moms what i thought was that it was a bunch of moms spraying everywhere lol i was jking but that would be funny if a group of moms did that.but it is wrong to vandalis property

  4. That shit is fuckin tops bro moms got asheville on lock… Betch! where else you see any shit like that.

  5. Charleston home of ish. Moms is muddy work. Check PI and other writers. Moms does good work but gotta 86 the ugly kids stuff. Brings a bad taste to u all. Keep up the "good" work.

  6. ha ha you jerks dont know how they did it…..just as uninformed as the h1 design group who do what they call asheville graffiti project yet cant even recognize when a piece is by the same artist….

  7. Asheville Is gay Who Sneds there TIme Going That In the 828 Is Dumb Tagginq IS fun But WTF who Tags Moms ? Super Gay

  8. Idiots… Old Crow no longer resides in Asheville and MOMS is an acronym for Marked On Many Surfaces..
    Get your info straight.

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