Asheville’s Hearts With Hands

Years ago, Trinity Baptist Church in West Asheville decided that they needed to do something to assist with Major Disaster Relief. Ralph Sexton Jr. was the person with the initial “burden” and then Dwight Parrish, his son-in-law, got a team together and ran with the plan. Since helping establish Hearts With Hands in Buncombe County Asheville North Carolina, Dwight has also been a dedicated Missionary in several other Countries. Talked to some of the Church members and it is like “Everyone Loves Dwight”, lol. I guess he one of their heros… in the flesh as least.

The goal of HWH was not to make it a “Trinity” thing, or “Baptist” thing, or even a “Church” thing; but to make it an organization where everyone could contribute and volunteer freely for the help and good of others. Really good concept, because even if you do not “believe”, you can contribute to helping and saving lives. That is exactly what Hearts With Hands is doing. Their current director, Bill Bradley, has been running this operation for years and is doing a great job. If you have anything to spare, give them a call and see if they could use it. Their office is located on Sand Hill Road between Candler and West Asheville.

2 thoughts on “Asheville’s Hearts With Hands

  1. How much salary does the administators make off donations.
    I see father and son making money off donations? Giving money to wife to spend at bars with men.

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