Asheville’s Got Some Big Balls!

asheville meatballs

Yes, you heard it right, Asheville’s got some big balls, meatballs to be exact. I stopped by Dough in north Asheville the other day, and written on the wall as a special was a meatball sub. My mind immediately started asking questions… “how tasty are these balls?”, “do they taste like my grandmother’s balls?”, and of course “how big are their balls?” I ordered the sub and when I saw it, all of my concerns dissipated. I tried to take a bite and get one whole ball in my mouth, but it was an impossibility. These were some BIG BALLS! I had to take baby bites, so I did, and ate the whole meatball sub. If you are in Asheville, and want some big balls; you need to stop by Dough.

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