Asheville’s Future Starts Here, simple development

The video is about construction going on below the Hillcrest Apartments in Asheville North Carolina. They are replacing a section of pipe… most likely a water line. But, I would like to talk a little on the area if you don’t mind. This lower part of AVL, between Downtown, North, and West Asheville has several businesses including Grainger straight ahead, Southern States on the left here, several auto parts yards, several auto parts and repair places, and soon the Rivers Condos will be up less than a mile ahead from this point. The Richmond Hill Inn is also only one minute ahead and to the left. This is one section of real estate that will see a drastic improvement in 2009. All along the French Broad River is going to be beautiful and “Green”. UNCA only 4 minutes from here. Such a great versatile central location.

Anyway… the market is the only thing that slowed Asheville down for a minute, but come Spring, people are going to start making some extra large moves. The whole economy may not pick up as quickly as here, but Investors and Planners are on the scene and Asheville is a great investment with so much future potential when you incorporate WNC. While others slept… lol. Asheville is creeping elegantly upon the National and Worldwide circuit, not too fast or slow, but kinda just right… if you know and see what I mean. Even McCafe and McDonalds plans in Asheville were not “officially” disclosed. They are staying low key in preparation for the new wave, and trying to sneak in ahead of the competition. They will be the bright new, new look, new feel restaurant on the circuit. Days Inn is using this down market time to re-invent their look and maybe some other things. People are planning and thinking… much of it is about Asheville North Carolina. What have you been thinking about lately?

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