Asheville’s First Black Lesbian Owned Vegan Cafe

Chef Velvet Asheville NC

The Vegan Experience by Celebrity Chef Velvet of Washington DC is coming to Asheville North Carolina; The Block off Biltmore to be exact. As healthy food options increase in Asheville, more opportunities arise for chefs and entrepreneurs to relocate to the area.

If you have never heard of Chef Velvet, you can check out her website which tells a grand story:

As a result of the food disparities in the metro DC Area, Velvet was inspired to start her non-profit program to teach under-served communities across the nation the importance of community gardens, self-sustainability and life benefits of a healthy diet. In January of 2013 Velvet became Co-founder of “Vegan in the Hood” under the umbrella of a “Beautiful U, Yes U!”

Vegan Experience by Chef Velvet in Asheville NC

When we saw the flyer stating that this was the “First Black Lesbian Owned Vegan Cafe” in Asheville, we had a few questions:

  1. How many Vegan cafes are located in Asheville and Western North Carolina?
  2. How many cafes or eateries in Asheville are “Black-Owned”?
  3. How many eateries are there in Asheville that are “Lesbian-Owned”?
  4. How many restaurants are there in WNC that are owned by a “Black Lesbian”?

I would say “not many” to most of these questions, so we are excited to see what Chef Velvet brings to our foodie scene and the community at large, as she seems to be constantly on the front line and doing whatever she can to give back to society.

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