Asheville’s Buddha Lounge, Internet Cafe, Bookstore, & Great Food!

Stopped by the Buddha Lounge today on Merrimon Avenue to have lunch and do some work in their new Asheville Internet Cafe. Sitting here right now on my laptop and Blackberry, and there are several people working and relaxing. Nice environment here with some soothing music and a giant Mac available for guests.

Buddha Bagels, which recently changed names and owners from New York Bagels is better than ever before. You can order your lunch which is made usually of premium "Boars Head" meats and cheeses, visit Mystic Journeys through an inside entrance and find some inspiration, options, and direction while your sandwich is being custom built. My favorite is "The Monster" sub wth Muenster cheese.

But the lounge is really cool. I asked one of the owners for details and he mentioned the free wifi, getting some bands on the weekends, great seating, and awesome people! Very nice work guys! Thanks you for making a hot spot on Merrimon Avenue in Asheville North Carolina.

Hours are Fri & Sat till 11pm, other days till 10pm. Opens at 7am every morn. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snack, quick bite… and with these hours… a great place to grab my midnight snack on the way home, lol.

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