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What’s Smoking?

My father and some other people I know smoke cigarettes. To be honest, I wish they didn’t because it’s gross… overall. I care about my father and the other people that smoke. We all know of the effects, they threaten your life in more than one way. If anyone has any desire to start their journey to quit then I suggest they go to MadVapes on Patton Avenue or their other local location on Tunnel Road.

Madvapes Store Asheville, NC

These guys know their vapes and want to help you to live a longer life. That means something to them because it’s not about looking cool, but if you do want to vape to look cool then they will help with that too. At least you won’t cut off years from your life with cigarettes.

MadVapes Asheville, NC In-House Flavors

Tim, the general manager, used to smoke constantly for a numbered amount of years. He says he tried everything. Some of you might have gotten to that point and felt that way before. MadVapes’ staff have experienced what you have and they have a story to tell, just like you.

I know what I’m getting my father for this Christmas. I believe that it will help him quit his nicotine addiction. Why not get one yourself or for someone you know and care about? I think they would understand the message.

MadVapes Accessories

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Balancing Your Life in Asheville

People usually think of balancing life as dealing with your work along with your personal life. Yet, we tend to forget about our well-being and mental being and that’s why I’m proud to get the chance to share my experience with my first ever visit to the chiropractor, but not just any chiropractor, Dr. Derek Kasten at One Love Chiropractic.

I like to describe Dr. Derek’s practices as holistic because he specializes in prenatal and pediatric care. It’s amazing how much we overlook the simple accidents we have as children. What’s even more amazing is how much we forget about it and then suffer in our later phases of our lives. Now, I could probably blow your mind with the insight that I’ve gained from him.

One Love Chiropractic, pre and post miracle

I know I never thought I needed a chiropractor, mostly assumed from my inexperience and lack of knowledge about chiropractic practices. Dr. Derek explained a lot to me through his inspiration to pursue his occupation in chiropractic studies. I know some history of this practice and I’m glad I have a better understanding because I feel comfortable when I come to visit my chiropractor. I trust his work because he’s been helpful and he wants everyone to understand the true reason a chiropractor is needed, and what a great help they can be.

I told him about my concerns then he went on to explain and bring more light to what I need to focus on. After we discussed all of what I need to know and be aware of, he concentrated on my concerns and explained where I needed adjusting and didn’t over adjust me… thankfully because I learned that traumatizes your body, which makes sense.

Dr. Derek Kasten, Book

I’m glad I found a chiropractor that I can trust, wants me to understand how much this really affects me not just by my physical health, but my mental health as well, and who also cares about his work just as much about his family, friends, and patients. I recommend One Love Chiropractic for anyone, even if you think you don’t need a chiropractor because you might be surprised.


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Rent a Car, Travel and Save

travel georgia bridge

We all go through car problems.. and that’s just something we have to live with. I had planned a trip to see my cousin for her birthday. I would be there or die trying. As time started to become more absent, I began to lose faith that I could make it for Kaylee’s 10th birthday. Then, I came across Anderson Nissan and they saved me from all of my troubles!

Frozen tent theme, birthday party

I got in touch with Rob, the rental manager, and without further adieu I made it to Georgia and spent much needed time with my family. Even though I didn’t stay long, I hadn’t one bit of worry about my transportation, a 2014 Nissan Sentra. I LOVED driving that car!! I drove over 500 miles, roundtrip, and only had to fill up two times.

gas prices, SC

My little cousins kept wanting to ride with me and I’m not sure if the cause of the rental car had something to do with that or how long it had been since we’ve seen each other. Either way, Anderson Nissan helped make my trip happen and I’m so grateful for that.

Asheville rental Nissan, Flat Rock rental Nissan


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80 Folks To Make Your Asheville Wedding Perfect

downtown asheville wedding

More and more folks are deciding to get married in the Asheville area. Not only do you have the locals having weddings all across Western North Carolina; but we are a great destination wedding spot as well. But many times if you do not live here, and sometimes even if you do; some simple choices can be the game changer between an okay, good or great wedding. But how will you know? You cannot have several “throw away” weddings, pick the best one, and then relive it. You only get to do this once. Do not settle for less. Make it count! We are listing 80 folks that can greatly assist in making your Asheville wedding rock. The right people, places, and things you could really use to make the best memory possible of this special day. And the folks listed here are all businesses and individuals in the area that we, or our networked team, have personally used and/or worked with for business purposes.

asheville wedding the farm
  1. Asheville Wedding Venues: Where are you going to have your actual wedding?
    1. Crest Mountain – high on top of a mountain on the west side of Asheville, and surrounded by amazing beauty and views! This gorgeous spot is 10 minutes from downtown Asheville.
    2. Biltmore Estate – this is the landmark of Asheville & Western North Carolina. Beginning your life as a couple here is monumental!
    3. Grove Park Inn – a mountain resort wedding, all inclusive, everything you need.
    4. Hidden River – located in the Swannanoa area with several acres, plus bed and breakfast accommodations.
    5. Brown’s Farm – on the north side of Buncombe County, this farm is ideal for weddings and special occasions.
  2. Asheville Wedding Dinner: Where will you have dinner the night before the BIG day? I know there are plenty to choose from, but here are a few that quickly came to my mind and could work out depending on how big of a party we had, what type of dinner it was, and how much we wanted to spend.asheville wedding dinner
    1. Fig Bistro – the Biltmore Village gem is so delicious! A great spot with outdoor patio area.
    2. Ruth’s Chris – amazing steak and wine collection. Located in Biltmore Village.
    3. Red Stag – fine food on the ground level of the Grand Bohemian Hotel.
    4. Twisted Laurel – The new hot spot eatery in downtown Asheville, with 2 levels of space.
    5. Junction – I could see having a very nice wedding dinner in these delicious spot in the River Arts District.
    6. Modesto – fine food and delicacies at the Grove Arcade.
    7. Biltmore Estate – several incredible restaurants on the estate, with amazing cuisine!
    8. Grove Park Inn – a fine choice of several restaurants on the property.
    9. Strada Italiano – Italian cuisine in downtown Asheville! Authentic and so good.
    10. 151 Boutique Bar & Kitchen – delicious cocktails and food, a patio, and boutique bar.
  3. Asheville Wedding Reception: Where will the after-party celebration be?
    1. Nightbell – a new upscale lounge in downtown Asheville.
    2. Doubletree Biltmore – lots of space for all types of events!
    3. The Venue – the perfect event venue in downtown Asheville.
    4. Crowne Plaza – resort in west Asheville, minutes to downtown
  4. Asheville Wedding Transportation: Who will drive you around town? Maybe shopping or eating with friends. Or if you just need a little time for yourself to think while your driver takes you around town, to the spa, to run last minute errands.asheville wedding transportation
    1. Asheville Premier Transportation – that burgundy Lincoln Towncar is her signature. But several other vehicles now, including a 14 passenger van. Such a great ride and company!
    2. Gemini Limo & Chauffeur – several vehicles available, we love the Land Rover LR3 for our trips.
  5.  Asheville Wedding Limousine: Who will supply the limousines?
    1. Blue Ridge Limousine – limo services in Asheville NC.
    2. Elite Limousine – a great fleet of limos servicing Asheville and WNC!
  6. Asheville Wedding Flowers: Who will supply the beautiful flower arrangements?
    1. Merrimon Florist – great florist in north Asheville.
    2. Swannanoa Flower Shop – beautiful arrangements by this spot on the east side of town.
    3. Blossoms – floral arrangements in Biltmore Park.
    4. The Enchanted Florist – floral designers in west Asheville.
  7. Asheville Wedding Music DJ: Who will be the disc jockey?
    1. Get Vocal Entertainment – whatever musical theme or combination you can imagine, this team can do it!
  8. Asheville Wedding & Engagement Photography: Who will be the photographer?asheville wedding love
    1. Ashley Susan Photography – new to the Asheville area, looking to be a second shooter for weddings.
    2. Audrey Goforth – renowned Asheville wedding photographer.
    3. Hugo G Photography – amazing landscape, portrait, and modeling photography.
    4. ASE Photography – probably the youngest of our selections.
    5. Jen Bowen – gorgeous wedding photos and creativity.
    6. Jen Burrell – wedding photography based in Hendersonville NC.
    7. Camilla Calnan – wedding photographer based out of the Candler area.
  9. Asheville Wedding Videography: Who will be the videographer or cinematographer?
    1. HeartIsTree Studios – great videography team in the community!
    2. Magic Hour Creative – incredible wedding videography and cinematography.
  10. Asheville Wedding Cake: Who will be your baker?
    1. Wedding Cakes by Filo – all we can say is wow, deliciousness abounds here!
    2. Karen Donatelli – amazing cakes and desserts in downtown Asheville.
    3. Short Street Cakes – delicious cakes and baked goods for any occasion.
    4. Carolina Mountain Bakery – great bakery offering cakes, pastries and more.
    5. Brookes Cooks – custom baker with delivery in the area with plenty of sweets on the menu.
    6. Artista Cakes – so many delicious cakes for weddings and other occasions.
  11.  Asheville Wedding Caterer: Who will cater the food?
    1. Anne’s Custom Catering – the owner is a foodie genius. She creates amazing dishes of any taste and style. This company is definitely a hidden gem in our community.
    2. Colorful Palate – great catering company in Asheville that is a favorite of many.
    3. Artisan Catering – a delicious mix of artisan foods!
    4. Strada Italiano – a taste of Italy in downtown Asheville.
    5. Cantina at Biltmore – tex-mex appetizers and courses.
    6. Corner Kitchen – a wide array of catering foods from BBQ to 4-course French.
    7. Smash Events – delicious catering and mobile kitchen.
    8. FarmBurger – local and gourmet burgers and sides.
    9. Mountain Deli – deliciously crafted sandwiches from this place in Hendersonville NC.
  12. Asheville Wedding Minister or Officiant: Who will perform the wedding ceremony?
    1. Asheville Wedding Officiant – several wedding officiants to choose from.
  13. Asheville Wedding Website: Where can you get a custom website for your wedding?
    1. Cube Creative Design – want to document this wonderful day on a website? Sending folks to a central location that has all of the information prior, and updates after is a great idea for many. Everything from a guest list, wish list, wedding location details, photos and more can be posted regularly.
  14. Asheville Wedding Lodging: Where will you and your guests stay while in town?
    1. Hotel Indigo – beautiful place to stay in downtown Asheville!
    2. Biltmore – the Estate speaks for itself. The perfect stay.
    3. Grove Park Inn – a gorgeous resort on the north side of time.
    4. Grand Bohemian – a beautiful boutique hotel in Biltmore Village.
    5. Crowne Plaza – resort property in west Asheville.
    6. Posh – a boutique suite hotel in Biltmore Village.
    7. Pines Cottages – small unique cottages in the Woodfin area.
    8. Sleep Inn – economy lodging in west Asheville.asheville tuxedo rental
  15. Asheville Wedding Tuxedos: Where will the men get their tuxedos?
    1. Men’s Wearhouse – a great selection of tuxedos for weddings and other special events.
    2. JoS. A. Bank – a wonderful selection of formal wear to choose from.
  16. Asheville Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses: Where will the women get their dresses?
    1. Wedding Inspirations – a bridal boutique in downtown Asheville.
    2. Wildflower Bridal – a bridal boutique in Biltmore Park.
    3. Candler Bridal – discount bridal boutique minutes west of Asheville.
  17. Asheville Wedding Rings: Where will you purchase the rings?
    1. Jewels That Dance – creative jewelry in downtown Asheville.
    2. Wick and Greene – a fantastic shop offering beautiful jewelry.
    3. Van Dyke – handcrafted custom jewelry.
  18.  Asheville Wedding Hair & Makeup: Who will do your hair and makeup?
    1. The Final Cut – Shasta is the hair and makeup specialist.
    2. Lux Salon – a great hair salon in Hendersonville NC!
    3. Studio Chavarria – boutique salon in downtown Asheville.
    4. Ananda Hair Studio – a salon featuring many great stylists.
    5. Lety Onate – hair and makeup salon featuring Ms. Iliana G for special events!
    6. Blush – makeup artists in Asheville and WNC!
  19. Asheville Wedding Gifts: Where can you purchase a wedding gift?
    1. Kitchen & Company – lots of gifts and housewares.
  20. Asheville Wedding Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties: Where is the party? If you are going around the Asheville area, your best bet is to secure transportation or limo services that can drive you to a progressive party, and make sure everyone makes it back safe.
    1. Nightbell – the new upscale lounge on the scene.
    2. Off The Wagon – piano bar in downtown Asheville!
    3. Ben’s Tune Up – a great place to have drinks, food and a good time.
    4. Social Lounge – great stop if you are touring around downtown Asheville.