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You Never Know What You’ll Find In Asheville. This Time.. Pokemon!

Asheville Pokemon

While walking around, or driving around in this case, in Downtown Asheville; you never know what you will find. As we were looking for a parking spot yesterday, we thought we were having a Halloween flashback. But no, it is just another day in Asheville North Carolina with folks dressing up however they want and being whoever they want to be. As we were passing by Pritchard Park, I told the driver to pull over. I jumped out of the car and took this photo of a dressed up Pokemon crew walking around downtown. I do not know if they were playing the game, or if they were just having fun; but either way I wanted to keep them and take them with me.

Holiday Ice Cream Flavors at The Hop in Asheville NC

Hop Ice Cream Asheville Holiday Flavors

The Hop Ice Cream Cafe is always coming up with new flavors; and now since the Ice Creamery has opened, they can experiment even more. We stopped by for their Toy Drive Tweetup recently and got to try these delicious flavors:

  1. Snow Cream Coconut Milk
  2. Mocha Peppermint Stick
  3. Sugar Plum
  4. Fruit Cake

Now these flavors are fading fast, so get them while you can, or wait until next year to try them!

Asheville Protesters Strip Santa Of His Reindeer, Force Him To Use Chopper

Asheville Santa with Mission MAMA Helicopter

I don’t know if you realized what really went down on Christmas Eve in Asheville. Santa was all packed up and ready to go, when a bunch of hippie hipster animal rights activists showed up and demanded that he release his reindeer. You see, in Asheville we call that animal cruelty and stuff like this will not happen on our watch, Christmas or not.

The Elves stood up for a moment, ready to rage a war to get these gifts to the many children in Asheville; but Santa quickly came up with a back-up plan, hijacked a Chopper from Mission Hospital and was on his way. We bumped into him later that evening and discussed the situation over some craft brews, and he said it actually went faster than he planned; not only because of his new ride, but also because of all of the naughty folks in the Asheville area who received nothing for Christmas. HoHoHoHoHo!

The Beaucatcher, a Re-Envisioned Boutique Motel in Asheville NC

The Beaucatcher Boutique Motel in Asheville NC

Recently, The Beaucatcher Boutique Motel in Asheville re-opened under new ownership and with a new look. Owner, Shradha Patel, set out to re-imagine the family-owned and operated motel, The Blue Ridge Motor Lodge. For over 30 years, Patel’s family proudly worked in the hotel industry in Asheville. After Patel’s father passed away in 2014, she decided to take on the family’s work.  Reflects Patel, “With the increasingly corporate nature of the hospitality industry in Asheville, I thought it was important that a small, local business not only stay alive, but also keep up with the growing demand for quality tourism services.”

To realize her vision, Shradha oversaw significant renovations to the existing building. These renovations transformed the expansive, multi-building complex into a smaller, more intimate boutique motel. The changes have created a more modern and aesthetically-pleasing experience for guests and visiting motorists, while still paying homage to the geography and tradition of the area.

Courtyard at The Beaucatcher Boutique Motel in Asheville

The motel now offers a complimentary breakfast bar, a desk concierge service run by staff members with deep roots in community, and a beautiful exterior courtyard for guests to enjoy. The Beaucatcher is proud to partner with Pennycup Coffee as its coffee bean provider. Patel hopes to forge new partnerships with local vendors as The Beaucatcher grows, along with offering a limited bar service featuring local brews.

The Beaucatcher provides a unique and personalized accommodation experience for guests. The guest experience was designed to reflect the thriving and diverse personality of the local small business community. In the words of Patel, “when you think about what Asheville is–and hopefully will continue to be–it’s an eclectic, artistic, unique, and independent place. Tourists come to experience goods and services that are crafted locally from food, drink, performances, to souvenirs. I want to provide this locally crafted option for visitors who want a more homegrown, intimate experience with their accommodations as well.”

An Amazing Restaurant, Woodfire Bar & Grille, Opens in East Asheville

Short Ribs at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

When I pulled up the Holiday Inn in East Asheville, I expected that a dive bar / tiki bar would be awaiting me. Instead I walked into a new restaurant that I would not soon forget. As I entered, I felt as if I were walking into one of Asheville’s high end restaurants.

Craft Beer at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

The atmosphere was prime, the staff was friendly, and the food ended up being so delicious. After my experience, I immediately said to myself that this place is not only my favorite restaurant located inside a hotel, but it could easily stand with the big boys eateries in town. Local craft beer, well made cocktails, wings beyond yum, and short ribs that filled a tall order. Everything was perfect!

Cocktails at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

And don’t just take my word for it, go and check out Chef Jason and the Woodfire Grille, and see for yourself. He sources as much local as he can get his hands on, and both the owners and the staff team that he has put together there empower him and every aspect of this restaurant.

Wings at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

As many ends of town get saturated with great food options, East Asheville is lacking a little, and the Woodfire Bar & Grill will definitely fill that foodie void in your life, and in your mouth. Without a doubt, this place is a must try!

You can find the Woodfire Bar & Grille on Facebook!

photos by G Social Media