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An Amazing Restaurant, Woodfire Bar & Grille, Opens in East Asheville

Short Ribs at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

When I pulled up the Holiday Inn in East Asheville, I expected that a dive bar / tiki bar would be awaiting me. Instead I walked into a new restaurant that I would not soon forget. As I entered, I felt as if I were walking into one of Asheville’s high end restaurants.

Craft Beer at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

The atmosphere was prime, the staff was friendly, and the food ended up being so delicious. After my experience, I immediately said to myself that this place is not only my favorite restaurant located inside a hotel, but it could easily stand with the big boys eateries in town. Local craft beer, well made cocktails, wings beyond yum, and short ribs that filled a tall order. Everything was perfect!

Cocktails at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

And don’t just take my word for it, go and check out Chef Jason and the Woodfire Grille, and see for yourself. He sources as much local as he can get his hands on, and both the owners and the staff team that he has put together there empower him and every aspect of this restaurant.

Wings at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

As many ends of town get saturated with great food options, East Asheville is lacking a little, and the Woodfire Bar & Grill will definitely fill that foodie void in your life, and in your mouth. Without a doubt, this place is a must try!

You can find the Woodfire Bar & Grille on Facebook!

photos by G Social Media

Smoothie King Opens In South Asheville

Smoothie King in Asheville NC

Everyone loves a great smoothie, and Smoothie King has just opened up their first store in south Asheville, in the Market Center gas station. They are an International company, with a strong presence already happening in Charlotte NC, but now they have come to the mountains. And they have a drive-thru! They have been named the #1 franchise in their category for 20 of the last 27 years, so they have a strong track record. Where do you get your smoothies in Asheville now? Let us know if you have tried this spot and how they were. Thanks!

Mr. Sushi Gets Ready To Open In South Asheville

Mr. Sushi in Asheville NC

Ok sushi lovers, a new spot is coming to town named Mr. Sushi, so get ready to try it out and let us know how it is. Now there are lots of places all around the world named Mr. Sushi, but as far as we know, this is a local spot that stands on its own. They are located in the Market Center gas station, where Bojangles used to be, but don’t go just yet as they are currently under construction. But as soon as they open, you know we will be one of the first people to have a taste.

A Trip To The WNC Farmers Market in Asheville NC

Pumpkins at WNC Farmers Market in Asheville

We recently stopped by the WNC Farmers Market on Brevard Road in Asheville NC and got to see so many great foods. If you are looking for fresh produce from local farmers in the community, this is a great place to visit.

Fresh Vegetables at the WNC Farmers MarketLots of fresh vegetables at the WNC Farmers Market in west Asheville NC!

Cider at the WNC Farmers Market in Asheville NC

A big selection of ciders to choose from, just about every concoction of flavors you can imagine.

Honey at the WNC Farmers Market in Asheville NCHoney is plenty over here at the WNC Farmers Market, featuring many local types to choose from. So feel free to get your sweet on!

Arts & Crafts at the WNC Farmers Market in AshevilleArts & Crafts are also available from many artists in the Asheville and WNC area. This is a great spot to find lots of local treasures that you will not find anywhere else.

See more photos of the WNC Farmers Market on the Asheville Foodie Community Facebook Page!

The Social in Asheville Expands Again. This time BREAKFAST!

Asheville Breakfast at The Social

When Cory and his family took over The Social in East Asheville, his vision was not as big as it is today. After running a highly successful entertainment company called Get Vocal Entertainment (which is still going strong), they decided to settle down some and take over a little local restaurant. And it grew and grew, with the quality of food, people, fun, entertainment, and great experiences told. Recently, Chow Time Pizza in Swannanoa was purchased by them and it is now The Social Pizzeria, and turning out to be one of the top pizza choice around town. And Cory has several other big deals in the works, and looking for more investments.

Now, at the original location… 1078 Tunnel Road, Breakfast is being served until noon. The Social recognized a need on that East side of town, where breakfast and brunch was not much of a sought out meal, and they created this stellar breakfast menu to accommodate their community.

If you are out in East Asheville, make sure to stop by The Social and check it out. You can also see The Social Video on Facebook!