Asheville Yacht Club @ Beaverdam Lake 08

Stopped by today to see what was going on at Beaver Lake. The Asheville Yacht Club was out today with their remote controlled sailboats. There must have been about 20 or so participants (men, women, children). Great club and nice hobby to pick up. The man I spoke to said that he bought his boat off of for about $200, and loves “sailing” at this beautiful lake in North Asheville.

Beaver Lake has always been a favorite for me. They have a little boat area where local residents can “park” their boats (no motors), a nice walking path, a nice walk for dogs (with permit only), and a bird sanctuary connected to the south side of the lake. The sanctuary has a walking ramp with accents such as pergalos, benches, and gazebos all along the way. Close parking is not great, so most people park at the North Asheville Library on Merrimon or at the Bird Sanctuary, and walk 2 minutes. (Not far at all). Be careful in this area as many people park across the street and cross Merrimon to get to the lake. Asheville Law Enforcement also does “speedtrap” training on this road every once in awhile.

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