Asheville Writers Group with Mark Bloom

Hello, everyone.

The summer has passed, and it’s once again time to focus on the business of writing and editing. It’s also time to renew our relationships. You’re on this e-mail list because you are a writer — whether freelance, professional, or otherwise. We (Brenda and I) would like to invite you to an informal meeting, a gathering really, to exchange thoughts about the business of writing, meet others who do a similar job, and generally make new friends. We normally try to get together once every other month, alternating between lunchtime and after-work hours.

I’m getting a late start this month, so I’d like to suggest we get together for lunch at Scully’s on Walnut Street downtown at noon on Wednesday, October 6. You aren’t required to RSVP, but if you’d like to let me know you will be there, I can pull together enough chairs for everyone. You’re also welcome to just show up unannounced. We’re an informal group.

For a topic of discussion, we can touch on surviving (or even flourishing) in these difficult economic times. I’d love to hear what YOU are doing differently these days. We can all learn from each other.

So come to lunch with us. Bring your business cards and your business stories. Stay as long as you want. You’ll learn, you’ll lunch, and you’ll leave happier for it.
-Best, Mark

Mark H. Bloom
writer / editor / blogger / filmmaker / community volunteer

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