Asheville Welcomes Whole Foods Market

whole foods market asheville Whole Foods Market opened their doors to the public today in Asheville North Carolina. I was not planning on going. I had things to do, places to be, and business to gain. But my mom. That should be a statement in itself. She was there waiting for the doors to open, watching entertainment, listening to the Mayor give her speech, and looking for great food deals. She called me several times to tell me how great it was, her quiet way of telling me to… “GET HERE NOW!” I had just picked up my daughter… she was raising hell at daycare, I had a stop to make to get my camera lens checked out, and then I finally headed on over there. whole foods asheville fish When I pulled up to Whole Foods, the parking lot was packed out. There were parking attendants everywhere. I had thought they were going to provide valet service, but I was wrong. Asheville is not there yet. I had to park my own vehicle. One of the first things I saw was the Salmon special outside, with amazing cuts and a line of folks waiting for their piece of the pie; or fish in this case. whole foods asheville nc As I walked into the entrance, I saw people all over the place, excitement on faces, and mouths that looked very hungry. Lots of chatter all around, as this spot is the new talk of the town. whole foods asheville samples Whole Foods had servers out on the floor offering samples left and right. The hospitality from the staff was definitely noticable. I tried the Sushi, then the Chicken and Rice, and then I was ready to pay for a plate of this deliciousness. I had some Pork, Seafood Paella, Mac & Cheese, and some Sliced Beef all for about $6. I will be back! whole foods asheville pizza There was a line in the food area waiting for pizza, but I had my full at Frank’s recently, so I skipped that. But I do want some soon! tunnel road tap haus asheville beer I visited the Tunnel Road Tap Haus, the new beer penthouse on the upper level of Whole Foods. Several great local beer taps to choose from and lots of room to sit. Plus, with the grand selection of ready made food on the lower level, this place is a sure win! whole foods asheville staff And, I got to meet several of the wonderful staff at the new Whole Foods Market in Asheville. They told me that it was amazing that I actually caught the three best looking workers together at the same time. We laughed for a minute, and then I was off to complete my experience. And overall… it was fantastic!!! Very well done my friends. Welcome to Asheville North Carolina!

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