Asheville Web Design, all websites are not created equal

Asheville web design has become a very competitive market. In these mountains, we have computer geniuses everywhere. PaleoSun does not just build websites, they actually take you through a whole process which involves evaulating your visitors habits, what is the main focus you want you client to see, what is the main move you want you client to make, what colors would fit best for your company and also with the times, and future expansion options once the base site is completed. Much more than just “building a website”.

All of the code they use is custom hand written for every site and forget about search engine friendly; the search engines love it. I am a marketer, networker, and catalyst… but when I want something completed as far as web design, code, and getting the best website possible… I go to PaleoSun. Oh, yes I have worked with others in the area, did an evaluation at the same time, and one thing or another messed it up. No returned calls, no emails back, cannot comprehend a plan, leaves dead pages on my sites, does not title and tag my pages right, does not make a good site map or one at all… and the list goes on. All of you know what I am talking about whether it is a web designer or a restaurant; they get judged by their service and product. PaleoSun has never let me down. The client, and making a positive impact on their business is their main concern.

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