Asheville: We Claim Our Sketch – A Poem To Frommer’s

asheville still sketchy sketch

For Her, On Dry Land



We claim our sketch,

proud in solidarity

from our hatch on the French Broad sea.



Please return, we want you back,

extend our love line

without attack.



Experience the place

beneath the skin,

the windy plank, the swirling underneath.



The water of the not-complete.



Our formation, gestation, full regeneration,

the river, the art, never the same.

Evolution defies a single-word frame.



Dive deep, be cool, get dirty, and flirty,

Imperfect is a state of grace,

richer than the perfect surface parking space.



Our grit, our verve,

the undertow for more,

our nerve –

to write you a poem

suggestive and plain

“we love you”

“we want you”

so please, swim again.


~jmf 1/11/2015

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