Asheville: Wanna get pregnant?

Here is a company that I met recently over Twitter and wanted to write about since they were communicating to me about the Asheville area. So you see? Social media can be the tool to impregnate you. Fertility is a big deal, either way. You have those who are trying their best not to get pregnant, and those who would do anything to hold a baby in their arms. Me personally, I never had an issue. Women have gotten pregnant from staring at me too long lol jk. I remember a couple of good friends I used to hang out with in Asheville. They tried for years to have a baby, and nothing. They visited a local doctor and 9 months later they had twins on their laps. Yes, that quick.

“At FertilityAuthority, our mission is to connect infertility patients with authoritative, substantive content and trusted fertility doctors,” says Jennifer Redmond, Executive Editor.

FertilityAuthority is the leading web portal dedicated to fertility. FertilityAuthority encourages women and men to be proactive regarding their fertility and provides the tools and information to do so: best-of-breed content written by health care writers and journalists and vetted by reproductive endocrinologists; a robust, interactive community of bloggers, columnists and message boards; a video library of patient testimonials and expert advice; fertility news; and a database connecting you to fertility specialists. Visit or find it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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